Sunday, June 19, 2011

Orange Sesame Tofu

Mmm, Asian food! Looks good too! Click on to read more!

I'm surprised that I didn't make a lot of Asian food, and I believe this was the only Chinese dish I made. The previous Asian recipes were Indian and Indian! Originally I wasn't going to make this dish, because I thought I had too many recipes I wanted to make, but really there wasn't enough! Who knew that the previous page from "Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan" would be part of the adventure!

Unlike a previous dish, sauce can make such a difference! The only thing that would probably different from a classic Orange Sesame dish would probably be meat (usually, it's chicken.) The ingredients that was a challenge to find was arrowroot powder, because local grocery stores don't carry it, only specialty. The other interesting ingredient was tamari, which is soy sauce, which contains more soy apparently (don't know).

Moving on, the instructions was pretty much mix everything in a pot, place tofu in a pan, pour the sauce over tofu, and bake. When baking was done, I was surprised to find out that the sauce thickened only slightly, not significantly. I just expected something like I find in the fast food (bad example to compare to?)

Time to talk about taste: my goodness! If every sauce was this good, I'd be vegan for Chinese food. I think what makes Chinese food delicious is the sauce (or when it comes to chicken dishes at least!) This dish has been an eye-opener, and a stomach opener too! I hate it for being so good, and thankful for making this dish! Extra yummy!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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