Thursday, June 30, 2011

Banana Chocolate Bread

Oh my, Banana Bread, without the fat d": My reviews afterwards!

On the last day of vegan month, I decided to create a classic that has always come when I least expect it on the kitchen table: Banana bread. For some reason, my family tends to buy too many bananas, and when some start to brown, that is when all of the ingredients come out to make happiness.

So when I opened the book of "Babycakes," I knew that I had to make it; the only thing that was getting in the way was the ingredient Xanthan Gum, which is completely expensive in Canada, but in the States, it's about $6 less (which made me happy!) Also, the other problem I had when it came to ingredients were chocolate chips, which had to be semi sweet or vegan. I found them at Costco, which is so big (more banana bread to make now!) So now I have all the ingredients, it's time to bake!

Pretty standard in the process of banana bread: mix dry ingredients together, mix wet ingredients in separate bowl, stir together, pour in bowl, bake. It rose, and got so excited! After cooling it down, I sliced a piece off, and it looked like this:

Doesn't that look delectable? Chocolate is just melting off, so ooey gooey. I'm watering in the mouth just typing this entry. So the judgment comes in the mouth: oh my, so soft! It doesn't even have a bread texture at all, it's more like a cake, which is always a plus for me! But when I got into the middle, I saw why it was too soft: it wasn't fully baked! So weird though, because the edges were nice and baked. Weird...

Ending vegan month with bread was definitely an excellent choice. Love everything about it, even eat it raw (and you can too!)

Rating: 5 out of 5

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