Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweet Paradise Cake

Two dessert postings in one day? An improvement compared to the other one. Continue for another picture!

I made this for Mother's Day, and I was so happy with how it came out! This recipe comes from "BabyCakes" by Erin McKenna, who runs a bakery in New York (her website). According to McKenna, this cake is suppose to be "a symphony in the mouth," and believe me, it was.

So what is in a vegan cake? Applesauce (it seems to be the stable ingredient in desserts), agave nectar (same consistency of honey), and spelt flour (a gluten-free wheat) as for unusual ingredients, as the rest are typically found in most cake recipes (except for butter and eggs, of course!)

While this baby was being baked, I started eating the batter from the bowl (you can do that with vegan desserts!), and it was so tasty! I couldn't put my mind on what it tasted like though... An hour later, I iced the bottom layer, and placed a bunch of fruits on top. Although it calls for strawberries, I used a frozen fruit package since I wasn't willing to go to the grocery store. Here's a side view:

Delicious! When I eventually cut the cake, and took a first bite, I was questioning myself if I accidentally added butter! So smooth and soft, it has the perfect moistness and the fruit was surprisingly sweet. My cousin tasted it, and she said that it tastes like graham crackers, which I agree with!

This was an incredible cake, and edible too! I might just convert into vegan baking if the cakes come out like this all the time... I hope vegan bake shops open in British Columbia...

Rating: 5 out of 5

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