Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grilled "Cheese"

A twist on a classic, you could say... My thoughts after a click!

I really didn't want to make anything complicated for lunch one day, so I decided that since I bought some vegan cheese, and have vegan margarine, why not make myself a grilled cheese?

This so called 'cheese' is from Daiya, which is primarily based on tapioca, and though it looks like cheese and feels like cheese, the taste is not comparable. Also, my friends who have used this brand of cheese make it look like it actually melts like cheese - do they use the sun to melt it? When I made this, the cheese began to glisten, but not a sight of melting... Who knows, got to ask them...

So I grilled two pieces of bread with LOTS of margarine on both sides, then added the cheese, attempted to melt it, but not the best results. Although it superficially looks like  grilled cheese, it was OK if you miss grilled cheese. I wouldn't really purchase it to replace cheese, but for a substitute, it's pretty solid.

Tastes pretty good, the margarine tastes like the real thing, and it satisfied me until dinner.

Rating: 3½ out of 5

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