Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Spicoli" Burgers & Popcorn Fries

Oh yeah, burgers! Quite delectable! Read all about it!

Shopping for groceries, I thought that they would for sure have veggie burgers and thought I would try one. When I saw them, I was surprised not because local stores sell them, but because it contains milk! I cannot eat something with cows involved, that goes beyond my diet!

Luckily, "Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan" has a variety of burger recipes in their cookbook. I chose this one because it means AWESOME (that's the name of this burger). Also, I was intrigued that is patty was made of primarily brown rice, so this should be interesting...

Oh my, I believe this recipe took the longest time, from cooking the rice to saute the vegetables and adding spices that cover the brown rice taste (oregano, sage). Put it altogether, form them to patties, and grill them!

Salivating in my mouth, the smell was aromatic, grilling them to perfection. Place the pattie on a bun, added lettuce and some daiya cheese, with a side order of fries. The fries were pretty simple, cut them, salt, and toss in coconut oil. What makes them known as "popcorn" would be the smell when they are almost baked, exactly like buttered popped kernels - delicious! Unfortunately, I burnt most of them, saving only the best for a photo opt:

Here it comes the first bite: TOTALLY delicious! Who knew that brown rice would ever taste so good, especially hidden as a burger? Nice blend of spices and vegetables, it makes you want to have more - I finished like 8 burgers in two days! Crunchy and chewy at the same time, I wish these were mass produced so I wouldn't have to make them myself anymore :"p As for the fries, they were fries, crispy and light, nothing special. I do like the fact though that they are baked, not dipped in a bath of oil.

If these cannot be produced for home baking, at least put them in restaurants! Yes, they're that good!

Rating: Burger: 5 out of 5
             Fires: 3½ out of 5

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