Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Can't Believe They're Not Sinful Brownies

I can't believe they don't look like Brownies! My first dessert post, read on!

Although I did plan to post my meals according to the day I made it, I made one exception with these lovelies since the book is due (yes, libraries are useful).

This particular recipe came from the all-vegan cookbook "Sinfully Vegan" by Lois Dieterly, and it looked promising to me. This calls for the usual ingredients for Brownies like flour and vanilla, and others that were a bit surprising. For instance, I would never have thought of using apple sauce or flax powder for Brownies. But anyways, when I was making this, it smelled so good, but something seemed to be off: the batter was pretty thick, and the colour was darker than usual brownies.

Going with an opened mind, I poured the batter, let it bake, and within 40 minutes, they were hard! Disappointed with the results, I decided to cut a square and try it out before throwing them away. Inserting the knife into the dessert, it went through smoothly; turns out, it's soft inside! There was still hope for this! With no fear, I took my first bite - the result: it's odd, but in a good way o.O You can taste the chocolate, but then it has this aftertaste similar to tea (felt like I was chewing on the leaves).

So what do I have to say: they're hard on top, but chewy inside, almost having this consistency of taffy. Perhaps if I actually used flax powder instead of flax meal (aren't they the same?) there would have been a significant difference, but for something that somewhat looks like brownies, they're a different take to a classic dessert.

I actually served these at my birthday party, and one of my uncles actually enjoyed it! Maybe it has a distinct taste to the elderly, or something like that. Either way, what I may find unpleasant may be culinary heaven to another.

I wish I spent more time on this cookbook, as there were a few I would have like to make, such as:
- Home-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies (requires barley flour)
- Raised Sugar Cake (uses mashed potatoes)
- New York-Style Cheesecake (soy cream cheese?)
- Boston Cream-Filled Donuts (hello, donuts!)

But that will have to wait, maybe when I make up the money I've lost during vegan month d":

Rating: 3 out of 5

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