Thursday, June 2, 2011

Avocado Pesto Pasta

Now time for an online recipe from one of my favourite chefs. Click on to read about my thoughts!

This just looked good, and very green too C": The recipe comes from Chef Chloe, a vegan cook who won on Cupcake Wars. After that episode, I was hooked on finding out about her. Apparently, she will be writing a cookbook, and I just can't wait for it (a must get!) So far, I have tried one of her dessert recipes, and this was absolutely amazing - soft and moist, like all good cupcakes should be... Oh, and here is the recipe

Moving on, what made me want to make this dish was because of one thing: AVOCADO. They are tasty, and I don't understand why it's not an ice cream flavour yet (it's so good). The only ingredient that I was not familiar with were pine nuts, which are scrumptious on their own ^_^ Anyways, it's pretty simple: put all ingredients in a food processor, and mix with cooked pasta. I used Linguini, but you can use whatever you heart desires.

As for taste: It's yummy, but I don't think of pesto when I'm tasting it. The only thing that makes it similar to pesto is probably the colour and a few ingredients, and that's about it. You can really taste the avocado, and the pine nuts which pretty much overpowered the other ingredients, but I liked it! I think it can use less oil since the avocado has oil in them already. My aunt tasted this, and suggested some Parmesan cheese, but that wouldn't make it vegan, only vegetarian... Perhaps anyone can help me add something to this dish to give it some oomph?

But nonetheless, this was good, considering the majority of my recipes in vegan month were pasta, including a previous entry.

Rating: 3½ out of 5

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