Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Wizard's Nature Pasta

Another pasta entry! This one is actually good! Click on to read about it!

I wasn't feeling as creative this particular day, so what is the last resort? PASTA, duh! I mainly used fusilli pasta, but I was running out - penne seemed like a nice match to it.

What makes this known as "The Wizard's" you might ask? Because of the main sauce used in it: Worcestershire sauce! It's so delicious, and I can't believe it's vegan too! The only brand that I have seen was this one, and as you see, the brand is known as 'The Wizard's!'

I also added a bunch of stuff, such as vegan margarine (which I think would also be vegan butter?), dried oregano, cilantro, and chopped up basil. There were no particular measurements, but I can tell you that the main ingredient were the sauce and the margarine.

Just to be fancy, I decided to add some of Gardien's Buffalo Wings as a side dish, and this is what it looks:

Yes, it looked good! Carrying a spoonful of pasta in my mouth, I was ready, waiting, and... satisfaction! It is such a simple dish, added whatever I had at home, and it turns out absolutely decadent. As for the wings, they are spicy! This can be referred back to the last time I use these wings here. Just a nice little dish, and it turned out to be a good ending for the day. Yea!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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