Sunday, June 26, 2011

Burritos & Nachos!

Can't think of an original name, but then again good food don't need a great name. My thoughts after...!

Once again, I couldn't help but be curious with another product from Gardein, but this time, a Beef Substitute. It originally came out as a burger patty, but I decided to shred it up and thus create ground 'beef.' The taste? Not bad at all, but it don't taste like meat. I will say though that it is closer to tasting like meat than any chicken product that I have tried.

Moving along, just grilled the pieces, then added taco seasoning, and presto! Dinner! Add some vegan cheese, some salsa, and it's a full meal (minus the milk and meat, of course). The verdict? I liked it, I mean I could have used refried beans, but this is nice. The meat texture is smooth, and the flavour didn't lack at all, like how every good burrito should be like. The cheese was whatever, I mean cheese cannot be replaced. Period. Salsa is salsa, though it was sweet probably because of the mango.

Otherwise, I thought this wasn't too shabby. Then I had leftover meat. What was I ever going to do? I know:

Nachos! Simple, yet tasty. I don't know what makes them better than the burrito, but I'm thinking it has to do with the salt in the chips, or the fact that tapioca cheese is much better with crispy than soft wheat d":

Either way, Mexican night was fun try with Vegan food.

Rating: 3½ out of 5

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  1. You've got to redo this month, but go a little less hardcore (ovo/lacto, maybe instead of vegan) and skip the yves/gradien/fakemeats. There's some pretty great stuff out there.