Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to Butter & Beef

I know the title is misleading, but here are my thoughts about the vegan diet.

So 31 days have gone, and I know it has taken me two months to publish everything (sorry!) Although I did not post all of the recipes I made (mainly due to no pictures), I must say this experience was pretty much an eye opener.

If there is anything I learned, here they are:

  1. Sauces & spices make the taste: It's truly the flavour, and whether one uses meat or tofu, the sauce is the key to the perfect dish. Who knew it played such a significance? I never knew it would be so important!
  2. Keep going and going: I felt more energetic than ever before. Not once did I ever feel like taking a nap or sit around on a couch. Then again, I kept finding ingredients I never heard of d":
  3. Delivering timber: This one is gross, but on the Oprah show, they talked about poop when they tried this. Yes, they're nice long, solid pieces, and I went at least twice a day. Fun!

There were some hits, and others not so much. Otherwise, the diet is plausible if you are willing to spend the money (which I think is worth it).


  • I spent about $200 dollars for the month. Since vegans never have coupons, I think you would either have to be rich for this kind of life style, or grow your own garden. That's the other thing about vegans: I never seen one who actually has their own vegetable garden... There must be something that farmers know that vegans must not, right?
  • Weight was lost! I can't believe my eyes from the scale! I won't say my actual weight, but I am pleased to tell you that I lost 10 pounds in a month! Who knew eating differently would lead to such dramatic results? Not expecting that, I was surprised.
  • Groceries are hard to find, especially when you're not familiar with the ingredients. I did most of my specialty shopping in Whole Foods and Galloway's, which are pretty good stores, but they should consider more vegan selections in local supermarkets for conveniency.
In conclusion, I think I would do it again, but not a month because I love honey and milk way too much! I might omit things in my diet, such as pork or dairy one month, but I'll have to do some research before committing to another extreme challenge! I believe that everyone can be healthy long as we remember to take things in moderation. Just omit meat for one day, and everyone will be fine. Although vegans are thin (yes, all of them), I would like to try another challenge month in losing weight.

Until for now, I'll be going back to basics: ice cream and hamburgers d":

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