Friday, August 12, 2011

Pocketful of sunshine!

So what does one do when they're bored? Well, here is my project that I've been working all summer. Read along to find out my latest adventures C":

I tend to spend most of my days at home, I'll admit it d": How do I avoid insanity without having a full time job or friends that do have jobs? With this very big project.

Last year, I thought that since no one does use the backyard, I would change it into something more useful. A garden didn't seem like a hard idea, right? Well, since this isn't my house, I could only change part of the backyard, which is fair enough. So I dug up part of the lawn, put some tarp over the area and let it sit for next year.

A few months later, some time in April, I checked up on my sacred area to find out that some of the soil was hardening! So I get my trusted shovel and keep turning it over and over until it becomes soft as feathers... Yeah, that didn't really work out (it was too hard for me!)

But nonetheless, I bought some soil, a bunch of seeds, and jiffy pots to begin my garden! Although it was the middle of April, and planting should have begun in February(!!!) I went along with it, and thus began an interesting summer.

Originally, I wanted to plant the following:

Snow Peas
Pac Choi

Not a lot, right? I was stunned with the results though: some of them lived, others unfortunately died, and a few unexpected plants came out of no where!

In the opening photo, there are two hangers on the fence, and those are the Topsy Turvy! I got them as a present, and though, why not? Let's try it out! The green one is the tomato planter, and the red one is the strawberry planter. Here are a few photos I took back in June:

How they began

The tomato planter

So cute and small - almost dying too!

The strawberry planter - so vivid and colourful!

It's bearing fruit!

So this was back in JUNE. In the last photo, I haven't even planted my plants, compared to the opening photo of this post. I can't believe all of the changes since then. I'll bring more photos, and updates in the next post (otherwise this would be a very long post!) Until then, let there be life in the backyard!

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