Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dragon Designs

It's about time I finished this! Read on to find out what exactly I was working on C":
Have I ever told you that what I did last summer? Well, I was bored one day and decided to watch some do-it-yourself videos online. The first video that I saw was a tutorial on how to make shorts out of a shirt. I thought this was a fun idea, and so I went and tried it... Oh my, I fell in love with making my own stuff!

During last summer, I kept on making shorts from old t-shirts that I didn't want to wear, but transform them into different apparel. In total, I made three shorts: one was pink, almost like yoga pants; another, blue stripes that are considered "pirate shorts" according to my cousin; the last one, "Proudly Canadian" wrapped on one leg!

But then I got bored of shorts, and wanted to try something harder. So I moved on and found out about t-shirt reconstruction, where I put my braided effect on the back of a shirt that I painted a design on...

Although those were all fun, that didn't really feed the void that was missing. Then I found a website that kept me occupied for a few hours until I stumbled upon this little number. I absolutely loved the look of it, and knew that I had to make it - and I knew which shirt I wanted to transform C":

So I got busy, tore up my t-shirt, and got right down to business. The skirt was no problem at all, such a cinch! The hard part was working on the bra part of the dress. I asked my cousin if she would model the dress when I finished it, but didn't want to ask about bust; so I took one of her dresses and copied that pattern d":

It was going all well, until I hit a bump in the road: elastic. I didn't know how hard it would have been to sew a little piece where the elastic would fit, then having to push it into that small space. But I did it, and that took a long time I tell you. All that was left was putting the pieces together... I didn't expect that it would take two summers to complete it though!

After a very long time, I finally got it all together, and couldn't be happier with the results!

Here is the first look:

Ta-da! It's so beautiful!

I loved how it turned out! I'm proud with the work I've done, even though this could have been done in a day d": Some closer looks at the dress:

Not the best sewer, but still, not too shabby, eh?

The design on the shirt is now the skirt!

A look of the back - it's gorgeous!

Yes, the inside is red since I didn't have enough fabric from the shirt d":

A lot of dragon action going with this dress!

So there it is, finally done in one piece, and I couldn't be more than satisfied with how it ended up. I hope my cousin is able to fit it! And if it's not possible, I can always by a mannequin so I can look at it every day. Now onto other projects... next summer d":

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