Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something From Nothing

Last year, I tried making a garden... that didn't go so well. So I decided to try it again, with all the right steps this time. Hopefully it works out!

Looks like some work needed here...

Shall we continue with the rest of the story?

So last year, I began to make a garden in the backyard. I thought this would be a great challenge to try, and see how much dedication it takes to take care of fruits and vegetables.

I wanted to do it so badly, and took whatever procedures to succeed in my garden. Much to my wishful thinking, it didn't turn out nice. Sure, the photos looked pretty, but when September came around, some of the vegetables didn't ripen! So my nanny and I plucked them off the plant, put them in a basket, and hopefully they would have ripened while stored in a dark, cool place. Most of them rotted the next day.

Some vegetables grew, but mostly it wasn't what I expected >.<"

This is what I learned from this experience:

1) Don't use fertilizer so often - it was the reason why my tomatoes grew so tall, but no fruit was edible

2) Never put seeds in the compost - random plants started to grow, and there was no clue to indicate what they exactly were

3) Start earlier - the average vegetable takes 100 days to grow. This is where the next chapter begins...

Today was a nice sunny day, and since there wasn't much to do, I thought tidying up the garden would be nice. Referring to the first picture, this is what it looked at first. Not a pretty sight, right? But with some time and patience, it became a beautiful blank canvas. Let's look at some photos!

Left: the weeds; Right: What was complete

Isn't it strange, how nothing looks better than something? I guess it's because weeds aren't a gardener's forte, especially when they interfere with vegetables! Oh well, that's how it goes. When I began pulling out weeds, I was being so slow and digging one at a time. My nanny showed me the faster method: basically take rake and flip it over. Afterwards, you find the weeds and take them out.

That was so useful, cause after 90 minutes, it became the nicest thing ever:

Blank, the way it should be C":

I was so happy it turned out, I couldn't stop but stare for a solid 5 minutes. I'm so excited to start gardening! In result, this is how many weeds were pulled out:

So many weeds!

Filled up to the top. How nice d":

And as for the Topsy Turvy:

Don't know what happened here: should I still try on these things?

SO this is where I'm standing at the moment with my garden. I have no idea what to plant, but I just can't wait for this season - this time, I actually have a plan!

Thanks for reading, and please give me some suggestions what to put in my backyard so I can get started soon as possible! That's all for now - keep you updated when something happens!

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