Thursday, August 18, 2011

What the veggie?!

This is an idea of how tall my tomato plants are - almost tall as me! What else has been growing in the garden? Click to find out C":

Because my last post was dedicated to my tomatoes and strawberries, I decided that I should talk about other vegetables that I decided to add, and what grew on its own.

First, while shopping at Art Knapp, there were a variety of vegetable plants for sale. My nanny decided that this plant would be a perfect edition to the garden:

It's an eggplant!

Cute, right? Such a nice plant to look like. It was much smaller, and I can't believe how big it's gotten, and the fact it's surviving despite that the monster tomatoes are hogging all of the sun to themselves -_-" I'm actually excited of this plant because if you can't see in the previous photo, here is a better look:

It's flowering! Oh my!

And if it couldn't be any more exciting, my dad discovered this:

 Ah! The actual vegetable!

They're all in different shapes!

I can't wait to see what happens to them, hope they grow into real long vegetables C":

What else did I add? When I went through my vegan period, I noticed there was one item that was REAL expensive, no matter if it was organic or not: PEPPERS! So when I was cutting it up, I decided to keep the seeds, put it into a jiffy pot, and plant it into the ground. Not much has happened to the plant, but I'm glad to see something:

Cute, and tiny!

I'm expecting something by autumn, if it survives that is d":

Now, let's talk about other plants that came out of no where. As I have been telling you, there were a few plants that grew on its own; you have to be careful with what you put into the compost! If anyone be able to depict what these are, that would be great:

Are they watermelons?

Is it pumpkin?


What's that random plant? Potatoes?!

Until there are clear signs as to what these plants are, I'll keep loving them... long as they love me back d":

Next post FOR SURE: what ever happened to the original plants I was growing - some things are just unexpected, and let's keep it to that.

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