Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monster Veggie

I can't believe what has happened in almost two months! This is a before picture, roughly some time in July. Click on to see the latest updates!

In the last post, I told you how I began a garden back in April. Now it's August, and I can't believe all of the changes that have happened since then.

So far, here is a list of vegetables that have succeeded from my original list:

Snow Peas (they're alive!)
Zucchini (must see the picture)

As for the other three, well, let's say that some unexpected events happened. For the pac choi, lettuce, and cilantro, they were growing little sprouts back in May, but then they wilted! I don't know how, I mean I watered them and they had so much potential... Oh well, better luck next year :"|

Then came the strawberries... oh my, I thought this would be easy, but NO. I have no idea what happened, but a month later, practically the whole plant just died! I couldn't believe it, was so sad... until recently, I saw this:

It's alive! Again!

Why the device is fading colour, I don't know, but I'm glad to see that although it's not as vivid as before, there is still potential for the plant! Now, just waiting for it to bear some fruit already d":

And now for the vegetable that I like to call 'weed:' tomatoes! Originally, it was going to be the topsy turvy and that's it; now I see why you have to be selective when throwing things into a compost. That row in the opening photo grew on their own! I couldn't believe it, the soil I worked ever so hard on can produce life!

Yes, it's a surprise that tomatoes grew from the compost. Yes, my sister considers them as "garbage vegetables." No, I have not killed any one of them C": Here is a look of them recently:

Yeah, they're pretty tall!

Yeah, they're producing bulbs!

I believe each plant is making their own kind d":

Yeah, it's a strange variety

Hello, cuties!

As for the topsy turvy one, this one leaves me in awe. If you read the first post from the garden file, you will see that it began as a little cute plant. This is what it is as of a few days ago:

So heavy, it needs support!

And there's only one tomato!

I'm like "WHY?!" I think that Art Knapp is screwing me over... curse groupon o.O So I'll have lots of tomatoes, and if any do become red, and I begin to get tired of eating them, guess who's getting free tomatoes? Everyone! Yay, pizza time!

This is the end of this post for now, mainly because I think this is getting way too long >.<" Not to worry, I'll be posting the update on my zucchini, snow peas, and new additions to the garden. Bye for now!

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