Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things I Don't Get: Safety, Second

Summer is here, and it's time to spend your time outside. However, there is this pet peeve of mine that won't escape me, and I tend to cringe every time I see it happening. It may not be my business, but I am deeply concerned about head protection for people. Allow me to digest.

Are helmets juvenile?

I've recently been riding my bicycle outside to get around (but within reason, of course). And every time I go out, I see it right in front of my face: people without helmets. Whether they're on bicycle, skateboard, or even a scooter, they leave their heads unprotected. I just don't get it: why would someone want to not wear a helmet when it serves a purpose? Is it because it'll mess up your hair? Are helmets that heavy to wear? It really puzzles me.

On top of that, here are three times when I really get frustrated over this situation. While I was walking with a friend around town, I saw a mother and child going out for a bike ride. As they were passing by, I noticed that the child was wearing a helmet, but not the mother (?) Another time I saw this happen was when I was driving down the road. Beside it, there is a trail dedicated for pedestrians and cyclists. The same situation happened again, except it was a helmet-less father and child...

This is the one thing I don't get: why would the parent ignore their own safety? It's not difficult to find a helmet for themselves, considering they took the time and effort to get their child equipped with all of the proper gear and whatnot. There is no excuse for people to not wear a helmet, especially around young children! I really appreciate it when I see a family being safe together, as it shows how parents are leading by example.

Perhaps I am taking this out of proportions, and I'm sure that these parents are exceptional people. I'm just fascinated how people will care about others more than themselves, as everyone needs to be safe out on the road. Whether you're out with a bunch a friends going walking distance, or rapid speed to beat the stoplight, one should always their helmet on. Even though it may be a short ride, it is best to stay safe than risking anything. So to anyone who is reading this post, please wear a helmet when you go out for a ride, because I'm pretty sure no one wants to stay indoors, recovering from a massive injury all summer.

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