Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dinner at the Gudrun Tasting Room

After passing by this place time after time, I finally got to try this place. With a few of my friends, all whom attended the same high school... Needless to say, I was the odd one out. But nothing could have gotten out of my way to try this tiny restaurant located in Steveston.

Quite a standout of a restaurant, if you ask me

May 22, 2015

I met my friend Bruce at a party, but it was recently I found out that had a lot in common. One, we attended the same university (he still resides there, whereas I have moved on to a new school). Two, we have a number of mutual friends. Three, we live in the same area. So what's a better way to catch up with one another other than having dinner with one another?

One day, I was walking around Steveston village and noticed this place that wasn't like the rest. It's hidden between shops, and the hours were unusual compared to the rest of the village. From the outside, it looked spectacular with the minimal design and elongated tables.

But enough about the past, let's finally experience the place. When I got to the place, I was the first one upon arrival - I had volunteer before dinner, and decided to wait around. I was simply wandering in circles, not knowing what to do other than take photos:

The night's specials

As I walked in for the reservation, I was greeted by this man with ever-flowing blonde hair who seated me by the long table. He allowed me to pick which section of the table I wanted to sit down; so I decided by the wall, which was probably not the best choice. Still being the only one, I looked around the place and adored every aspect about it:

Intricate chandelier: simple, and amusing

Wall art not to be touched

Eventually, everyone came rolling in, beginning with Bruce, followed by Colin, their friend Vincent, and finally Elsa and Hasiyna (this was within a span of maybe 20 minutes). 

I did not know how this restaurant worked, so I asked the server the concept of the restaurant. Not knowing how to respond, he explained to me how to order off a menu... The words 'tasting room' should have been an indication of some kind of set menu? Anyways, there were a few selections on the menu when it came to food, but drinks and appetizers were the main features. Let's take a look:

Six features, but endless varieties of cheeses (yay)

Alcohol is an important compliment to anyone's meal

When it came to ordering, we all just went for it without considering other people's decisions. While some were still deciding, food was coming out at the same time. Elsa, Hasiyna, and I shared a cheese and meat platter, which was one of my favourites. I don't exactly remember what types of cheese and charcuterie we ordered, other than grey owl, a goat cheese that was absolutely creamy. It was a little bit difficult to scoop with the pairings, none of which were crackers. Instead, they provided olives, a spicy mustard, apples, grapes, and a a medley of nuts:

Who knew it would all taste good together?

I ordered the sable fish, which was a lot more pale than I expected. But nonetheless, it was well presented on plate:

Fancy salad, anyone?

It was a refreshing dish, with a lot of flavour in the croutons and onions that come at you. Not sure about the egg, but I didn't think it was necessary. Since it was soft boiled, I maybe should have spread the yolk and mixed it in the dish, but it was a solid touch. Elsa. Hasiyna, and Vincent all got the gnocchi, and it looked good:

Hand-rolled with oxtail

Who knew that a potato pasta could be so fluffy? There is something about gnocchi that always peaks my interest, and without a doubt I would come back for that. Thank goodness for friends who share their food.

Bruce and Colin both ordered the mac and cheese, which also came with a salad that looked rather familiar:

Recognizable much?

In my opinion, it's impossible to ruin a dish such as mac and cheese, especially when there are bread crumbs covering the surface area of the bowl. All in all, it was a decent dish, nothing too fancy other than its gooey texture, which is the only way mac and cheese should be prepared.

Despite its small portions, the taste overall was unique from others. It has a mix of comfort with a dash of exquisiteness, and it's a decent place to try if you want to enjoy your time with friends, and drink the night away. I did not take pictures of the drinks, but there were rosé and beers with a lot of hop (so as my friends described it). There were a lot of fun touches of the restaurant, from the stools by the bar to the wall installations that doubled as a wine rack, and the washroom sign:

Unisex, or transwonderful?

After allowing them to reminisce about their past and catching up with one another, what night would be complete without some self-portrait shots:

Elsa, Hasiyna, and myself

Vincent, Colin, and Bruce

The night was still young, and wanted to have plans afterwards. The boys wanted to drink, but Hasiyna decided to see her boyfriend. Elsa and I decided to go for dessert, because no meal is complete without the final one!

We went to South Vancouver to a place called Doolami, a small dessert shop that was brilliantly white inside. It was crowded, but somehow we managed to get a seat inside. Aside from the size, the menu was quite big, ranging from ice creams to pastes and other various desserts that I can't quite label. Elsa got a soup-type dessert with tapioca, while I got a blueberry and lavender ice cream:

Above: mango sago cream with pomelo; below: blueberry and lavender ice cream

Close up of the creaminess

It was enjoyable, but a little too much lavender for my liking. Sure, I like the scent of the flower in a room, but not so much in ice cream. The soup, however, felt just like a Chinese restaurant. It's smooth and the textures of the tapioca rolls into your mouth and you want it to just stay there until you have to gulf it down just to have another bite.

It was a good night, what can I say? Got some friends to reunite, tried two new places, and I was finally full. That's one good Friday night (and I managed to get home early, for once!)

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