Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dinner at Jules Bistro

Graduation was just yesterday, yet he is treating me to dinner the next day. He asked me what I wanted, but I couldn't decide with so many restaurants in town. So he suggested this little French restaurant, and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

Good things come in small packages

May 28, 2015

Like I said, it was just Gordon's graduation, but he owed me a dinner. Last year, I treated him to a restaurant which I will not disclose (but let me tell it, it was excellent quality), and so it is his turn to bring me out. He also brought his boyfriend Jeff along, whom I met a few times. I think the first time I met him was when Gordon arranged an escape room night with his other friends, and he is quite a fascinating person.

I didn't know what I wanted for dinner, other than suggesting French food. Not knowing many, Gordon drew my attention to this little place in Gastown, and I must say, booking a table was nearly impossible. We had to reschedule this dinner I believe three times. First time, I wasn't available when I double checked my agenda; second time, a party was booked, and finally it came down to this date, the day after his convocation.

Got to the place earlier than expected, so I decided to walk around the area and I discovered a few findings that I never knew. For example, these apartments with amusing detail:

Certainly manmade

There are actually a lot of things happening in Gastown, including an escape room, a dessert shop, and a few clothing stores I've never heard of - perhaps I should look into those places when I pay a visit to Gastown in the future. The time came in, and was greeted by a grandeur gentleman who asked if I wanted to sit indoors or outdoors. Not putting much thought into it, I opted for the great indoors. I was the only one there at the moment, and decided to observe the place through camera lenses:

Got this laid back, open concept going on

Somewhat dark, but the light brings life into the place

Bird on chandelier, mixed with wonderful calligraphy

They've got a thing for chandeliers

Finishing with shooting the interior, Gordon and Jeff came inside as they were telling me that they just finished work, and came from another side of town; and I must say, they were really fast. The waitress came by and asked for our drink order, but all we got was water. Gordon had to compliment her figure, curiously asking what she does to stay in shape. I think she became much friendlier at that point, because she went on about her figure skating regime, how long she's been out there, and so on and so forth. What also surprised me about the restaurant were how the waiters have to come and refill your drink, despite that the water pitcher was sitting at the table (such extraordinary service!)

But enough about the people, let's get onto the food. There were more drink selections compared to entrees, but it was still a hard decision to select what to eat. Here is the menu:

Appetizers, salads, the set meal

Entrees, seafood, and side dishes

We decided to share the food so that we could try each others' meals, but that meant no shrimp (Gordon is allergic to some seafood, I can't recall which kinds). I went with the ribeye steak, while Gordon chose the salmon, and Jeff got the pork chop. To start things off, there couldn't be anything more French then bread and a few little guys:

Escargots Bourguignonne

If there were more of these, I would have eaten them all. Dressed in loads of garlic and parsley butter, it makes everything wrong oh so right. Not sure if snails have a distinct taste, but they are rather delicious when smothered in all kinds of flavours.

In my meal, there was also a soup that was offered. The only ingredient that I can remember was the main component, kidney beans. I wasn't exactly a fan of the soup, just because I thought it was a little bit salty. The waitress offered a different appetizer, but I declined and decided to finish it:

Otherwise, still a pretty bowl of soup

And finally, the main attractions of tonight's dinner came, which all came in a good amount of time:

Ribeye steak with herb butter and french fries

Seared Fraser Valley Pork Chop

Pan-Seared Salmon en Provencal

The whole ensemble

Not usually the one to have butter on beef, but I might just have to start that now that I've experience such pleasure. Who knew that cow² would be match maid in heaven (apologies for the stupid remark, but I had to). The pork chop was really moist inside, I don't think I've ever had an incredibly delectable piece quite like this. Again, I am being introduced to all of these new concoctions that I'm trying for the first time, and never would I have thought of putting salmon on a pillow of mashed potatoes that makes everything melt in your mouth after taking one single bite.

And what meal would be complete without a dessert? None, I tell you. Yes, it may look small, but it's enough to feed three people. It was rich in chocolate, similar to a truffle texture:

Chocolate Terrine

It was a great delight to enjoy dinner with these two, with the conversations about work, catching up with one another, and seeing of the changes that has happened, despite having seen each other just last day. But why stop at dinner when the view was incredible. Since we live in different directions, I took the skytrain home, and Gordon and Jeff were kind enough to walk me to the station. We made a detour to look at the water, and I must say, it's beautiful just to see stillness surrounding you:

Peace and quiet

To end the day, there would have been no better way other than to take a self-portrait snapshot:

Jeff, myself, and Gordon

All in all, it was an excellent experience, and the company was exceptional. So here's to more eating adventures with this dynamic duo.

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