Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lunchtime at the Original Joe's

Sunday came rolling by, and I had not much to do. So when my friend Genesis asked me out for lunch, I decided, 'why not?' And the best surprise were the three guests who came along. Good company is always best served with food. So let's dig in to this restaurant, shall we?

It's fancy because it's on the second floor

May 24, 2015

Originally, Genesis and I decided to go out for Filipino food, but the others wanted white people food. So instead, we went to a restaurant called Original Joe's. I have never tried this place, so I was interested to see what it's all about.

In addition to Genesis, there were my other friends, June, her boyfriend Ryan, and Robert. I first met June and Robert a little bit over a year ago (time does fly when you're having fun). They are the people that introduced me to Genesis, but it seems that I don't see them that often. I met Ryan later in the year, maybe 2 or 3 months later. It was such a sweet surprise to be reunited and to have them join us for lunch.

Now, back to the restaurant. Located on the corner of Cambie and Broadway, it is convenient to the frequent transit-user, providing easy access to all. What caught my attention was the fact there was that the restaurant had a parking lot (not a big one, but still one nonetheless). As we were walking into the place, I passed by a familiar looking face. I think he was a high-school classmate, but we walked passed by one another too fast to stop one another; if it counts, we gave each other stares for a quick second.

Don't let the appearance of the outside fool you, because inside is spacious and roomy. It has a comfortable feeling in the atmosphere, take a look inside:

Dark tones with minimal displays: excellent

Although the day had just begun, everyone was feeling a little bit tired. There was no energy for talking, everyone was just focused on food. Despite being hungry at this point, I first had to take photos, just to see if anyone was noticing:

Ryan, June, Robert

Awe, who looks adorable?

Talking²: with one another, and with phones

Robert, the model

Water so cold, I can feel it while typing this post

The menu has quite the variety that I wasn't expecting, but it all sounded amazing. From sandwiches to burgers to even pizzas, the possibilities were unlimited. So after browsing through the menu, I settled with a chicken sub sandwich, and what caught my attention were the sides that you could choose from. These were my two choices:

Quinoa and Fries to compliment the Saigon Sub

What restaurant serves quinoa salad? This one apparently does so, which is absolutely incredible. I quite enjoyed my sandwich, a decent attempt for an Asian twist on a typically North American style meal. Robert and Genesis both ordered a Philly Cheese-steak sandwich, which was mouth-watering (temptations increasing). Ryan got himself some deep fried chicken, but did not manage to get a photo of that, while June got herself a pulled-pork burger (salivating in my mouth right at this moment):

Toasted to perfection

Too beautiful to touch

Presentation was on point, but once those photos were snapped, our meals were destroyed. Even though it may give off a pub-style look, it is much more than that. With comfortable seating and good company, it shows that even silence can be enjoyed with one another.

After we finished lunch, we headed into downtown, mostly for walking around. Ryan and June wanted to watch a movie, while Genesis, Robert, and I walked for a little bit before Robert headed towards the gym. Pretty solid Sunday, I hope to see more good times with these people once again.

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