Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lazy Day in Stanley Park & Olympic Village

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I had nothing planned for the day. Aaron asked me if I wanted to go out for a picnic in Stanley Park. In addition, Elliot and Elsa invited me for dinner at Craft. Without a doubt, I agreed to this rather Lazy Day strolling around Vancouver. Let's take a look, shall we?


May 17, 2015

Headed on the skytrain to downtown, where I met up with Aaron. We decided for this picnic that we both get chips (because, variety). I originally wanted to get fruit, but found out that it was rather expensive... So the cheaper and less healthy option was a go.

We met up with Anawin, who was trying to get a hold of Quentin. Originally, it was his idea, but he was the last one to show up. He had excuses of having to pick up his auntie from the airport, which I found out was an inside joke between them. So while waiting for him, we got on the bus into Stanley Park, which was an absolute beautiful day. It didn't take us that long to find a spot, specifically by this structure:

Naturally beautiful

It's incredible that a man-made structure can still produce life, especially when it's constructed in an abstract way. We found a spot, luckily when a group were just leaving the picnic table. However, we ended up seating beside the table, on the ground. We laid everything down, using everything (including our shoes) to prevent the mat to fly away:

Anawin is so happy in this shot

Aaron: the new spokesperson for Guess Watches

During our time, we ate chips, Anawin provided fruits, and even played games such as Heads Up, Big 2, and even a game from the Line application. In the meantime, I managed to take some photos of the park, with this one being my favourite:


Eventually, about an hour later, Quentin showed up. He brought some crackers, the kind with the glaze on top and melts in your mouth. And as always, Quentin needs special treatment in terms of eating:

Being personally fed

Such a princess

The Line game, it's actually fun!

Whenever we didn't want to do anything, we ended up lying down and watch the world go by. There were the occasional jokes being thrown around, but it's pleasant to enjoy one's company without saying a word. We found ourselves shifting positions, since the space that we shared was limited, and not usually comfortable. But nonetheless, you make the best out of every situation. Now, here are some headshots:

Super kawaii Quentin

Aaron BAUS

And when it was time to head back into downtown, Aaron suggested to take a round of photos. I don't know if many people do this, but essentially you take as many photos you can while changing your pose. We did this for I believe 17 shots, and here is a range of them:

01. smiling

02: silly

03: exaggerated

04: hai

05: eh?

06: fun fun

07: chilled

08: unidentified

That was about it in Stanley Park, which was quite pleasant (minus the cold from time to time). On the way back to downtown, we bumped in our friend Bruce, who was just shopping around at the London Drugs. We looked around for a while, as Quentin was contemplating whether to purchase a pillow. Spent about a good half hour, mostly looking at greeting cards and whatnot, and eventually made our way onto Davie. At this point, Quentin left us for home, while we walked our way up on Granville Street.

I think Anawin and Aaron were going out for dinner, as we waited by a sushi restaurant. Coming down the road, Bruce and I thought we saw another friend, Albert, but that was just another person who looked similar - from afar, that is. Five minutes later, Albert joined the circle of boys crowding around a sushi restaurant. Instead of joining them, Bruce and I went back on the skytrain, where I had dinner plans with my other friends.

Elliot and Elsa are were waiting for me at Craft, a restaurant that essentially looks like a barn on the outside. I had no idea where the entrance was, walking around in a circle to find the entrance. It took not long to find them, as they were waiting for me with gift in hand. I did not expect them to buy me a present, but it was a kind gesture of them. I must say, they have great taste in gifts.

But anyways, we ordered the food, and fortunately, Sunday has a happy hour. Just in time, we ordered our drinks (mostly fruit-flavoured beers) and this beauty:


It's impressive, and very cheap. I wish it was deeper, but you can't really be that picky. They were delicious, and didn't skimp on the cheese. And although I do love a good nacho platter, was still hungry. So I decided to get these little minions:


They have a lot of flavour in them for such a small bite (it required more than one). And as it being my 'birthday,' Elsa decided to get me the strongest shot they had available. It didn't taste good, and I felt the blood rushing to my head the moment after I took it down. Let's just say that I couldn't handle the alcohol, and much needed to settle down.

After dinner, the night was slowly creeping in, and decided that we should walk to calm my nerves down. Elliot was explaining to me how to use my camera, but even then I didn't know what he was talking about. I think there are settings to control lighting - I wish I knew how to use it properly. Regardless of adjustments, I shot with my camera what I thought was good. Here are a few:

Science World

This bridge (it's amazing)

All lit up

Elliot just lying around

A walkway at Olympic Village

Afterwards, we decided that dinner was not enough, and had to conclude the night with cheesecake. However, the car was not where it was... It was towed. Where they parked was in an area with confusing signs, and only taxis were allowed in that area. So we had to walk to the shop while in the rain. It seemed long, but definitely relieved when we managed to get the car back.

They brought me to a place called Cheesecake Etcetera. I've been wanting to try this place for a long time, as I hear a lot of buzz from my other friends. Inside is rather dark, but there is a persona to it. It seems like it's suppose to be a 50s French-styled cafe, with the Jazz music in the back putting the place in the mood. The menu is pretty straightforward: cheesecake and drinks. But with such variety, I had a hard time to choose.

Don't let its size deceive you now

I opted for the original cheesecake with the peanut butter sauce. I also got myself an almond milk drink, while Elliot and Elsa shared an original cheesecake with strawberry sauce and a cup of tea. Let's take a look at this lovely:

My last meal of the night

Look at the peanut butter goodness

Strawberries overflowing

Light and fluffy, I don't think I've had a cheesecake quite like this. Although the graham crackers were missing (that's the best part of the cake!) I didn't find myself wanting it, as this piece on its own is enough to satisfy your cravings.

With all of that food (mostly) inside of me, I must say it was one fantastic Sunday. It's always good to catch up with friends, and it's best when they make the effort to meet up with you. Well appreciated!

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