Thursday, January 3, 2013

Money Flying Out Of My Hands

I'm so sorry that I haven't been using this blog in a while! But just to let you know, the garden project was... no that stellar. What's worse? The amount that I spent this year. Want to know how much that exactly was? Allow me to tell you...

What? I spent that much in 2012?!

I don't think that I have gone out more often than 2012. Just because I have a job doesn't mean I can spend it on just anything. What I really want to do is save money so that I can go on vacation in the summertime... I think I have to start being a hermit crab and stay at home - like, everyday *_*

So, let's see how much I exactly spent this year:

  • January: $172.02
  • February: $179.38
  • March: $256.42
  • April: $935.32
  • May: $1265.81
  • June: $2414.59
  • July: $720.56
  • August: $641.07
  • September: $275.50
  • October: $829.17
  • November: $607.67
  • December: $330.96

TOTAL: $8,628.47 o.O

I can't believe my eyes! Although I shouldn't be surprised, it's still a whole lot of money that I practically wasted on! What surprises me that I spent so much in June... I was still in school that time ._.

And if that's not making me cry, here is the breakdown on what I mostly wasted my money on:

  • Food
    • Meals (can't remember what time I ate): $221.07
    • Lunch: $582.31
    • Dinner: $875.84
    • Snacks: $256.35
    • Drinks (Alcoholic + Non): $246.10
    • Groceries: $70.33
  • School
    • Tuition: $3,214.88
    • Books: $203.59
  • Entertainment
    • Movies: $143.71
    • Arcade: $23.00
    • Club (Including Coat Check): $101.00
    • Recreational: $57.24
    • Concerts: $730.80
  • Miscellaneous
    • Gifts: $546.04
    • Charity: $103.50
    • Lottery Tickets: $39.00
  • Transportation
    • Translink + Taxi: $253.50
    • Parking: $38.50
    • Gas/Oil Change: $396.23
  • Personal
    • Clothing/Accessories: $268.01
    • Medical: $48.99
    • Electronics: $75.10
    • Haircut/Other: $120.35

School, I am not surprised (that cannot be adjusted). But WOW, I do eat out way too much x.x If I need to change anything, it's the amount of time that I spend going to restaurants, and put that time into studying (or, the gym).

Transportation was another big-ticket item for me, trying to save on gas for the car (somewhat of a success you can say). If I divide all the Translink + Taxi trips, that would come out to be about $21.50/month, or in other words, about 6 trips/month (yeah... that's not going to work). That is a big sign telling me to STOP going out.

Concerts are not a big item this year, and I have to withdraw from if I want to go on vacation this summer - that also goes for clothing. I still can't believe that I spent $101.00 on clubbing, and most of that was for a person to watch my jacket (that was a waste).

As for Haircuts/Other, that comprises of pet food (I have fish), random items I can't remember purchasing this year, and, of course, grooming of the head. No more Lottery Tickets (unless if I get a fortune cookie :"p)

There you have it, what a year can buy you for under $9,000.00 - a full stomach, endless varieties of entertainment, and a trip that gets you home.

Do I even want to tell you about my American Spendings? Let me know! 

May this year be full of savings and exciting vacations!

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