Friday, April 20, 2012

Detours & Mishaps

Sigh, may these little plants rest in peace... The rest will be explained in this entry.

The potential - where have you gone?

Finally an update, eh?
I was amazed by the results of my babies, they were doing so well! And since it was April, my nanny and I put them out into the garden and place them into the earth. This is what it looked like:

Isn't it a beautiful sight?

The reason we put it close to the fence was so that when it rains, you can just cover it up with tarp and voila! Prevention of overfeeding with water. My dad thought that was a ridiculous idea, and they should be placed close to the sun. Didn't listen to him, I was focused on another aspect of the garden:

 The abundance makes me so happy!

That little sprout gives me joy - too lazy to rotate picture d":

These photos were taken last week, here are a close up of each sprout after transplanting them:

 Spinach did not live - sad!

The okra was turning yellow, but there was potential with eggplant.

Still in good condition, that's a relief.

A little wilting could be just a tease!

So little and cute! 

 A little wilting didn't hurt anyone!

Is this just a weed? I want to know...

So that was last week, this is what happened recently: Some of them were gone! I don't know how that happened, there was protection - not even evidence of their death! So there will be a new approach to the garden, and we are starting back to phase one. Good thing it happened now, otherwise it would be too late to get anything by the summertime! Here is what is looks as of today:

The first one to get in the ground - joy!

I really would like for your to grow and not die on me!

I need some green vegetables this year!

Let's get growing!

Take two: let's go baby!

The only survivor of the crop.

Didn't even grow this - how wonderful that peas are growing!

The reason why there's no update of the herbs: they stayed the same! Maybe I should have left my plants indoor longer? Oh well, just try it again... 

So here we have it, the garden that WILL grow this time! First trial was an error, the second time it will be much better - I guarantee. There will be a lot of work, and hopefully I'll be able to eat what I sow some time in July. Let's go plants! Show me what you're made of!

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