Saturday, January 5, 2013

Things I Don't Get: You're Hired!

This year, I am going to add more blog entries - I really enjoy them ^^ And what better way than to complain about anything that comes to mind? We'll see where this takes me.

Subject of the day: applying for a job. Read the rest below!

Can I just sit on the PINK dog as a job?!

So today I went with a friend to a job fair, which was followed by another job interview by myself. After a whole day of going around town, I think there was one word the best describes the experience: odd.

No, it wasn't the interviewers that were odd (in fact, they were really friendly); they just left me feeling suspicious. To make my point, here are some previous interviews that I have experienced:

  1. The 'I don't care' interview
  2. The 'blunt' interview
  3. The 'too happy' interview
Let's talk about the first one: I had two of these, and right from the start I knew that I wasn't getting the job. The first time I had this interview, I think the interviewer felt pity for me because I was there waiting to get interviewed. By the time she asked the third question, she didn't seem interested in my answer - she was looking elsewhere. What I really wanted to say by the end of the interview was that I wasn't going to get the job, but that wasn't worth it... Eventually however, I did get a job at that store (thank goodness for knowing people!) The other time was a phone interview... Let's just say that their tone is all that it took to know that I was far from being qualified. This interviewer's question was about my previous work experience, and she wasn't familiar with the store I use to work for; it sounded like she was annoyed that she had to ask what that store was. Oh well, got to work with all kinds of people in retail, right?

Onto the next one: I recently got an interview at a store, and I was pretty excited about this one. When I got there, I didn't expect any of the questions that he was about to ask. So I answered them to the best of my ability, and he just said that my answers were too 'honest.' I didn't know what to say afterwards. But I did learn something, that you really are selling yourself. Another story like this was when I was handing in my resume at another store, where the interview was right on the spot. Not prepared at all, her reactions to my answers said it all: no way. At least I learned something from these interview, that you have to flaunt what you've got (professional experience, of course!)

And now for the final one: This was the job that I got hired! Not many questions to ask, he was telling me about the job and what the position was all about... It felt so weird, but it was pleasant. I think he pretty much asked me two questions: previous work experience, and any questions that I have for him. The best kind of interview, it leaves you feeling good!

Like the 3rd interview, I had two of those today. One was for a warehouse sale, and that went smoothly - however, I feel like everyone who went in the door got hired (it's all for the experience!) The other one, I think the interviewer was even more delightful. It's for a shop, and he was pretty much like telling me what the job is about, how many days a week I would have to work, and if I had any questions about it... Don't know why, but I am left feeling awkward (is that normal?)

And before heading home, I finally got around to applying for a position at a retail store; might as well give it a shot, why not? But instead of handing the resume to a sales associate good old-fashioned way, they make you retype the resume onto their computer... what?! That doesn't make sense to me! I guess the only argument I have for it would be that the person is willing to come in and put all the effort in hopes of being qualified.

I think that is my main problem with finding a job these days: the internet. Now don't get me wrong, I do love the internet for blogging and watching videos and all that fun stuff... Just not for finding a job. Here is why:
  • creating accounts for each website: it just gets messy in my opinion
  • having to type e-mail after e-mail: makes me feel like I'm a robot ._.
  • people referring back to the internet: but I walked in the store, with my resume!
Like, does this mean that we're getting lazy? I thought the purpose of finding a job was to be driven and be willing to go the distance to be paid for the labour that we are willing to offer, not to sit in our chairs and spam companies displaying our abilities on a .pdf!

Sigh, I feel like these days the only way to get a job is by knowing a guy who knows this person and so on and so forth... Damn you connections >.<

Oh well, let's see where job hunting will lead me to... I need money. On another note: I was going to go for an interview to a restaurant, only to find out when I got there that they were closed... seriously, at least give me proper times when the store is opened!

And let's end this post with a few pictures of the day:

Isn't this cute? From the library, they have a photo contest going on :"D

Finally, I found a steering wheel for my ship!

Isn't it lovely? Deers surrounding the chandelier :"3

For every hardcore prayer in the family

Got to exam your food carefully before eating

So there you have it, my rant of the day. May there be more to come. Comments are appreciated :"D

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