Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things I Don't Get: Because I Said So

Some girls are nice, while others... Well, let me tell you about those girls. This is not a personal attack on those specific girls, but I have experienced enough of them to put it all out on a blog post. Let's start...

Nothing but Double As: Appearances & Attitude
Have you ever encountered this situation: you are being polite and nice when first meeting a girl, but all she gives is this look of no concern whatsoever? I mean, sure it's bound to happen, but I'm more surprised of where I have found them.

The first time I found this girl, it was shocking. I was volunteering at the hospital on a different shift, and the girl who regularly came that time doesn't look happy at all - let's call her Authoritative Girl (AG for short). I tried talking to AG, but she wasn't interested in what I was asking, because all she kept mentioning was that she wanted coffee. An hour later, she finally got it. What really caught me off guard was her 'assistance' to the patients... She basically spat out a bunch of information, and the patients were just feeling a bit confused. Just like the patients, I didn't want to ask her any more questions. By the time I was about to finish my shift, another volunteer came in and she's all happy and joyful... All of a sudden AG is happy and excited. I wasn't even finished with my shift, and all AG had to say (in a ticked off mood) was: "You can go now." I mean, what did I do? I'm just here to help patients at the hospital... Putting on a smile doesn't hurt, don't you think? Well, I said goodbye, and happy girl was polite to wave bye, while AG just looked like she was bored with me... Seriously? If you came to help with people at the hospital, you should at least try to be pleasant with everyone. Oh well, that was probably just her, because most of the girls that I have met have been patient and kind, or at least smiles like they care :"D

Now, imagine AG times 5, and you have my weekend. Oh joy.

I had a three-day job at a warehouse sale, and at first it was exciting. The girl who ran the show (let's call her Boss) was super nice, she got everyone excited. Boss did what she had to do, and all with a smile. But once she left the door, the PMS came through.

First Encounter: I was heading this area that was curtained off to leave my jacket, and all of a sudden this woman with a headset (they're suppose to be managers) just came with the rudest tone saying that I couldn't go in, as it was for girls like her who could only enter... So, girls with headsets? And if it was only for them, couldn't she have said it like I wasn't an idiot? I didn't know that it was only for them. I asked her where I could leave my jacket; her response "I don't know, under the cash register?" I mean, come on, she's suppose to manage cash, and all you can give me is this 'whatever, not my concern' kind of attitude? And it's not like it got any better that day. Later on, I had to move positions from cashier to stock room... How does she ask? Bluntly. I didn't want to hear anymore from her, so I just said 'yes,' but she had to explain it; her words were basically: "Can you go to (fill in the position), they need help with... I don't know, but you'll be back soon." Yeah, I was stuck in the other position for the rest of the day.

Second Encounter: While I was in the middle of a transaction, a girl just came and said she was taking over my cash register. I thought she was a manager, so I agreed and I started bagging the clothes for her. I didn't really care about this girl, but she was being nice to the customers so I shrugged it off. Probably should have told her she was doing her job wrong, but she kept going and going. The only thing that made me confused was her handing me clothes to put in the bag - she seemed impatient and continued to hold onto it while I was still putting the first item in the bag. Since I went from cashier to stock room, I didn't hear much from her... Wrong. She also came to stock room, and I had to put clothes on the floor. When she noticed me, she just came at me telling me how to do the job - again, telling myself whatever, it's just clothes. Eventually, I found out that she wasn't a manager, but just an ordinary worker. Oh, hot shot thinks she's all that. I'll just say that I am feeling better after putting this down in a blog.

Third Encounter: In the stock room, one girl was absolutely rude to other workers. There were probably 8 of us sorting clothes in sizes, and a boy accidentally put it on the wrong table. The girl who is hanging up the clothes says out loud: "This doesn't go here!" Really? Getting angry about a shirt? The table is right next to you, just put your energy to moving the article of clothing instead of getting mad at someone who made one mistake...

Yeah, those were my main low points of the experience. The only encounters I experienced this past weekend were when some girls didn't smile at all. I mean, they asked nicely, but you were left with that feeling of fear (like if you didn't say yes, they would bite your head off).

Other girls, like Boss, were super nice and even helped out the customers without a problem. They just got into the job, and had fun with it. By the end of the experience, there was one girl who said: 'Thank you for your help.' That made me feel good ^^

Now I know that every girl can't be like Boss, but not every girl has to be like AG, nor any of the girls that I have encountered that weekend. Someone pointed out that (especially girls with headsets) this is their life, and this is what they do every single day. Even though this is their 'norm,' they should learn to give a little bit of positivity throughout the day; it doesn't take much effort to smile, no?

And I'm not saying that I need to be pampered with kindness and generosity, but I think the first time you meet a person is when you have to at least pretend to be nice (I mean, I'm not likely going to see them again, unless turn of events were to occur). After all, it's all about making people feeling important.
But as I grow up, I will have to deal with all kinds of people. Might as well have this learning experience while I'm young ^^

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