Sunday, January 13, 2013

Concert Review: Born This Way Ball

Reviewing last year's spendings, hopefully there aren't too many concerts that I will attend... And if I do, I better be winning them on the radio ._.

Anyways, January 12 will be a memorable day when Mother Monster landed on G.O.A.T. (I'll leave that to your imagination...

The Icon

I will first say this: I have never spent so much on a concert ticket before *_* But, it was worth every penny for sure!

Originally, I was going to do an elaborate costume just for the heck of it - and I enjoy making them. Two hours before departing, I decided to whip up something... I came up with this. I used lab glasses, a CD, and duct tape for the outfit. Hooray for finding things at home! OK, more pictures before the actual review:

Left side friend, right side cousin... Be Famous, Baby!

Caution Tape outfit lady - it was cold last night...Damn!

Look at me shine d":

Here with my friend... She looks very Gaga-ish, don't you think?

Look at this stage! So beautiful!

It was weird, that's for sure... But I wouldn't expect anything less from Lady Gaga! Very theatrical, it kind of felt a bit like a musical production. And it was very comfortable with all of the other monsters dressed up like themselves ^^

The beginning kind of threw me off, but then again I didn't know what to expect... Let's see:

I thought the horse was real!

Didn't know what she was wearing, but it does remind me of an alien d": That was very clever of her to ride people in the format of a horse. At this point, I was excited, scared, and curious to know what will happen next. That you can see yourself:

"Government Hooker" I don't think I need to say anymore...

That was just the beginning. Pretty dark I must say, but it only gets better from here. The castle opens, the lights come up, and boom! A big stomach showing the birth of Lady Gaga (I am not posting pictures of that) Very entertaining, and very high-energy! One of the songs I got on video, so check that out! The outfits were strange at times, especially in this part of the segment: a rubber-type outfit? I guess it's very clean... Anyways, let's get back to more photos, shall we:

Very intriguing

So this was when she was 'hovering' on the stage while these dancers went around in this formation, while another boy was carrying Black Jesus... That must be more tough than the body guards that cannot turn around to see the concert XD

This leads into some of her biggest hits and yes, it included an egg. Can see that clip here. I think it was impossible for anyone to contain their excitement when the song started playing - she just too good at her craft. Let's take a look at her fashion:

So pretty! I love the dress here!

Very bubbly, and unexpected... It matches her hair!

Wow, she looks amazing!

I thought this segment was a little misplaced. In the pink outfit, she sang her more 'happy' songs, but everyone was jumping up and down with it, so it's all good. And here comes another clip! Pink may still be there, but it's far from the innocent look from the picture up there^ She is so sexy in that leather suit, and guitar playing only began the showcase of her talents. But if there was something more 'revealing,' I think it had to go to this piece:

Yes, she is a motorcycle

I may not be a fan of the album artwork, but seeing it in live makes a HUGE difference! I guess what makes it more amusing is what happens afterwards:

Hey, sexy lady c";

Almost died at this! So funny, so inappropriate, I loved it! And after the sexiness came the slow jams of the concert, where she gave her heart out! And in the style of Lady Gaga, the piano has to come with style. I like how it got on stage: by breaking down the walls. The piano is sick, look at it:

A deadly weapon indeed

I have no idea how she manages to belt out song after song without having her throat drying up... Please tell me your secrets! She made a phone call to an audience member, sang a slower version of another song, and it was fulfilling to the soul. Just when I was at ease, I couldn't because then comes this:

Dramatic Wedding!

Giving cheers to the unhappy couple!

Everyone is getting processed into meat!

This just blew my mind, with the meat, the couple (they're no normal couple) and the dance - way to amp up the energy once more! I got one more clip to share, and was pretty excited to hear it... It was shortened though >.< Oh well, the story must continue!

She accomplishes her mission, and gives opposite performances at the end: one quite dramatic, and the other one very fun! And then she said her goodbyes... but I already knew she wasn't done just yet.

After a five, maybe even ten-minute wait, she finally came back with the keyboard, the guitar, and everything that was tucked under her sleeves - the ending was my favourite I must say because she gave it her all, and truly all of her music makes you want to go crazy and be yourself.

Though I may have not gotten a sore throat after the concert, I was astounded by the production, the theatricality, and definitely by Lady Gaga. One thing that I don't get is where a part of the stage changes from stairs into a level... how does she stay on that when she was lying on the floor o.O That I will remain a mystery to me.

I may not have been sore from all that dancing, but I didn't feel like it was a concert... Except for those unpleasant scents that stunk up the place. She is a wonderful performer no doubt, but I don't think it's quite right to call it a concert. Perhaps the best way to describe it is probably a 'ball,' because I certainly had fun!

From the outrageous costume changes to the exhilarating vocals from this... alien(?) I hope she will tour real soon! But maybe a lighter tone for the next tour? No? I should have seen her back when it was The Fame Monster Ball... Thank you Gaga for adding a second show, it meant a lot to me :"D

If I do go to other concerts this year (starts listening to the radio), I don't know if it will top this one...

Rating: 5 out of 5

Never underestimate the power of the discostick

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