Sunday, June 2, 2013

Things I Don't Get: Kids These Days

There are those people who say bad things about other people, yet they do the actions they say that bothers them... I mean, where is the sense in that? Another rant I go...

Because hiding your phone makes you that much clever

One day, my brother was pointing out that kids this generation are behaving worse than the past. While I do agree to some extent, I have to think to myself: are we the reason for blame? Sure, some children's attitudes are unbearable - but wouldn't they just be a reflection of their parents? Now before I sound like it's the parent's fault, that is the point I am not trying to make!

Let me put a visual right here: there is a family dinner. The tables are huge and everyone is seated in designated areas. Some people break into smaller conversations, leaving the few people with nothing to do. So they resort to play with their devices. As the time goes by, other conversations begin and now a new batch of people go into checking their devices. What's that all about? Is the family that close to each other that they've run out of things to talk about? They don't know what to say and resort to texting one another? I know it's not my place to judge them... But honestly, we all have a thought upon it.

That last paragraph may not have helped, but my mind is cleared out. What I am trying to say is we like to keep entertained, whether it be through a phone or held-held gaming system. Children aren't being rude; they're just being kids, and usually they don't know better.

As for adults - now that's something to complain about. My brother may be annoyed with children's behaviour, but I don't think he is the perfect role model himself. This is the scenario at the dinner table: the family eats together and though he may be physically present, his mind is focused on that little screen before his eyes. And if it's not too much to mention, my father does the same (except it's talking to people on his phone). Where is the sense in that if the purpose of having a meal together is to spend time together, with conversation?

But it seems that we don't mind at all: this happens with friends, other family members, and even in class. Does it mean they're boring? Well, class may be the exemption. It's funny when you look around the classroom and spot how many people are looking under the table, 'protecting' themselves from getting caught. I don't understand how people can manage that, I find it uncomfortable. If I'm going to be rude, I'll just whip the phone and start texting on the table. 

I don't think it's right to say that kids are behaving badly if we are also doing it ourselves. We must think before we speak. Children will always have something to keep them occupied, may it be this or that. And truth be told, you're probably going to continue said actions.

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