Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I Don't Get: You Can't Sit With Us

So there has been a lot of discussion between a clothing company and the CEO's visions behind the über popular franchise. Pretty sure you know what that's all about. What I don't understand is... Well, let me break it down for you.

You Mad?

Earlier this month, Mike Jeffries' interview from 2006 all of a sudden got attention where he stated that only the popular kids who has a lot of friends should shop at the ever so successful store Abercrombie & Fitch. He admits that the company is exclusionary and doesn't want the 'unattractive' people to buy the products.

While everyone is all mad and furious at Jeffries, I'm here thinking to myself: why is everyone surprised by his remarks? Not to mention, pull out an interview that's 7 years old? That doesn't make sense to me. I mean, have you seen their ads? They're not selling 'wholesome' at the stores at all. And it's not like you haven't gone into an A&F store before, the people who work there speaks for the ideas that Jeffries said. Those people aren't helpful and when you ask for help, they seem annoyed by asking for assistance.

Everyone needs to calm down to be honest. People are so mad, they got celebrities talking about it and even a campaign to clothe the homeless in their brand. This is nice and all, but there is one problem with this: where are the fat people? I mean, the insult is target mainly at 'bigger' girls who do not even have the choice to shop there (the biggest size sold is 10 for girls, while boys get the freedom in just about every size... weird, huh?) In a news segment, I felt frustrated that the news anchor didn't ask any plus size girls, and they only interviewed stick thin girls. Of course they'll be saying things like "oh, that's a shame he would say that... I'll think about shopping there again now." Come on!

So thankfully, I stumbled upon a webpage with a... plus size figure who isn't ashamed to show her body. And she's really pretty! Her name is Jes, and she doesn't care about a thing about what Jeffries has to say. She shows that the largest size that they provide can fit her perfectly, and has changed A&F to stand for: Attractive & Fat. Now that's more like it :"D People got it wrong. They shouldn't be getting mad about a stupid remark that we have all known what the store stands for. We should be doing the exact thing we have always been doing: not shop there. I think most of you don't have an article of clothing from there (mainly because it's expensive), but it's not really worth the money to buy clothes that were made in poor factories. I think that will be another post where I shall discuss about that...

And if you didn't read any part of my rant, here is a cartoon show which parodies the store perfectly. Because if one person's words are the only reason you stop shopping there, then maybe you should be paying more attention as to what they really stand for.

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