Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things I Don't Get: Why That?

I'm pretty sure we all know someone who doesn't like making decisions. Some people, we are OK with that, others... well, they get to you. It's weird how people work, eh?

Pretty much sums up what I'm trying to get at

One question leads to many more problems... At least, when it comes to making a decision. On just about anything.

Is it just me, or do we stress about the little things? For example, take last weekend. I ask my friends where they want to eat, and they don't know where to go. They have decided whereabouts to meet, but they don't know what kind of food they want. So I give them suggestions, and instead of giving me an actual answer, they just say "yeah, that's good." That doesn't even answer the question at all.

And how about the people you have known your whole life? I'm talking about the f word: family. It's always a problem figuring out where to eat. I will ask them what they want to eat, and they give me the same answer: "you pick," "it's up to you," "anything, it doesn't matter..." Oh, but it does. When I pick a place, all of a sudden another question comes to mind: "why do you want that?" This is the reason why I don't want to make the decisions, it's just going to end in a cycle of deciding, picking, and continuous questions.

I don't know why it's so hard to pick one thing to do, but it seems so... Maybe it's trying to satisfy everyone. Originally, I wanted to try one restaurant on the weekend, but one of my friends didn't want that particular style of food. Back to the drawing board. And then what I get frustrated is when I begin to be indecisive - and that's worse. When I begin to act like them, then I become the very thing that frustrates me in the beginning. That's why I let people decide on the places I have narrowed it down to, but they still don't select one.

Restaurant decisions are only the beginning. Another example: hanging out with friends and family. I guess this one is less stressful, but also time-consuming. If we cannot come to a point figuring out what to do, we will end up going to someone's house to make that one decision... And blow and behold, by the time we get to that decision, it's already late -_-"

Do people not like to make a final decision? It can be tricky to find an activity that makes everyone happy, and sometimes there will be that one person who doesn't like the plan at all. Perhaps that's the reason why, they don't want to be 'opposing' between the other people. But if that's the situation, then would they even be friends in the first place? I think I'm just blabbing at this point...

If there is one thing I want to finally say, it would be that for people to please have an opinion, or suggest something we can do. There is a pain in my nerves that won't go away until there is a set plan. And, I apologize for being very anal about it (too much of a neat freak you could say). It's just that when people have ideas and plans, it makes everything else more convenient for everyone else.

OK, that's all I have to say. Until the next complaint that comes out of my head!

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