Thursday, March 14, 2013

Product Reviews: Nu Skin

I have been wanting to do product reviews on this blog for some time, but haven't found anything in particular that was interesting (OK, there was one, however the video would not upload ._.) So here is the first entry in a new series known as simply: Product Reviews. Let's get to it, shall we?

A little machine that can reduce the size of your face: does it work?

*These are not paid advertisements, simply my opinion*

Have you ever been shown a product that cannot be found in stores? Did a sales person come to your house to show you something that just amazed you? Well, apparently there are companies that solely work based on home-sales and private networking. And it's nothing new, here are a few examples:

  • this one, and I must say that is one good product (maybe one of the best ones)
  • this one, but I don't know about it - seems promising, yet complicated (all diets are, right?)
  • this one... I shall explain it in regards to the product that I will be talking about today
  • there was one more (forgot the name) but wanted so badly; basically a food processor that could make dough, soup, desserts, everything (AMAZING indeed)
The third example kind of reminds me of the product that I had recently tested, and its name is Nu Skin. The difference between the example & Nu Skin would be that Nu Skin sells their own products, and there are quite a lot: skin care, weight loss, vitamins, just to name a few. They are not a new brand, however they continue to create new products from time to time. For over 30 years, they claim to be the only company to be airing a special on television behind the Science of the product... Not bad, eh?

The product that was tested

So the picture seen above is what I tested. It is called the ageLOC Galvanic Spa, basically a machine which you use to apply the gel onto the face. There is also detachable heads which can be used in the hair and on the body. Apparently, there have been a lot of testimonies on their website, and the results seem impressive (photos here). I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, but heck it doesn't hurt to try new things.

It was interesting, especially the presentation... Why? Because what they were explaining sounded familiar compared to the third example from a browning apple to the the special ingredients which were labelled under the company's name. And like every good infomercial, they compare their product to high-end products with the litmus paper test (of course, their product is the best!)

Now comes the fun part: the demonstration. I first washed my face, and let the demonstrator test the product on my face to compare the before & after results. The machine has levels which must do something, but all I kept thinking was the fact that someone is rubbing some strange goo on my face, leaving it feeling almost numb. I touched my face after the first application, and it's almost like the same feeling you get after visiting the dentist (without the pain!) What I didn't know was that there was a second application o.O What felt like a 10-minute process, it was finally complete. And here are the results:

Can you tell the difference?

I apologize that I didn't shave, but that is no the main focus. Although I do feel smoother and saw a slight difference, I feel that it's such a long process. If I have to do that every single day, I probably be broke x.x But the concept behind their business isn't about the money, it's about helping others... So why do they tell me that someone is financially stable by the time one meets their mid-20s?

The true test to see if it works is asking the family, the best method if you were to ask me. My father couldn't tell the difference, however my mother and brother could. My mother said that it looked smoother, but my brother said that it looked like I put lotion on my face. I do admit that it feels incredibly smooth, and it looks slimmer than the other half of my face. To put this to the test, my mother said to take a shower and see if the results would stay the same. Here is the photo:

Does shape stay? Or do both sides look the same?

I'm wondering where I stand with this product. At this moment, I am trying to figure out if this is done every day, and if so, should it be done in the morning or at night? What doesn't make me interested in the product is the time consumption. Although they salespeople tell me that I have all the time in the world, I wish to not have such a long beauty regime (it already takes me half an hour to get ready for the day!) I would like to try more products, but I still can't get over the price of such item - does it come with the person who does the applications?

Don't know where I stand with this particular product. It may feel nice, but is it worth it? Have you tried it before? Can you tell which side of my face was treated?

For now,

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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