Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bang Bang, There Goes The Dough

12 Categories, with 5 of them related to the edible
A whole lot of money wasted
But after all, it's the memories that count, right?

The annual expenses report is here. Let's venture to see where it all went down...

Pray, photograph, and then eat... How many times did I catch this?

This year, I have not included the school spendings. So it is certainly a smaller amount, but let's check out my habits, and whether they have improved, or worsened:

  • January: $301.45
  • February: $299.78
  • March: $350.43
  • April: $316.92
  • May: $429.64
  • June: $499.81
  • July: $447.29
  • August: $793.03
  • September: $601.72
  • October: $540.45
  • November: $919.12
  • December: $1,475.80

Total: $6,975.44 ._.

Sometimes, it's the cheapest meals that are fulfilling...

...and the pricey ones that leave you wanting more.

I am not surprised that the biggest month that I spent my money on was in December (it's definitely the spirit of giving). I do find it interesting that I was pretty good with the beginning of the year, but then it dramatically increases towards the end. So where does all this money go toward to? Well, why don't we check it out down below:

Eating Out: $1819.36
  • Breakfast: $40.71 (4 times)
  • Lunch: $681.37 (46 times)
  • Dinner: $1003.27 (39 times)
  • Snack: $82.81 (16 times)
Dessert: $227.33 (31 times)

Starbucks: $185.67 (11 times)

  • 9 reloading card
  • 1 purchase of a banana
  • 1 purchase of a drink without a card (a star wasted)

Alcohol: $342.74 (12 times)

Groceries: $747.55 (24 times)

  • 3 times protein powder (those things aren't cheap)

Travel: $248.50
  • Parking: $75.25 (15 times)
  • Pass (Monthly + Day): $163.25 (31 times)
  • Taxi: $10.00 (1 time)
Gas: $949.18 (18 times)

Entertainment: $393.54 (18 times)

  • 4 movies
  • 4 clubbing

Sports: $579.69 (14 times)

  • Majority of the time were class passes for fitness class

Clothes: $183.90 (10 times)

  • Somehow still need pants in closet

General: $614.96 (39 times)

  • Includes the following:
    • Donations
    • Pet food
    • Certifications
    • Medication
    • Haircuts

Gifts: $694.22 (24 times)

Once again, my eating habits never improve from one year to the next. I may have gone out a fewer number of times for meals, but compared to 2013's spendings, I must have more of an expensive taste than I think (and, it's doesn't help that I have a list of restaurants that I would like to try out some time this year). On top of that, I also have purchased myself some gym passes so that my stomach is fully round (it still is though, I just know when to suck it in)

Most expensive dinner: forever remembered throughout a series of photos

So, was 2014 the year of savings? Nope, not one bit. If anything, this just comes to show that I am simply a social butterfly with no worries in the world (that's not always a good thing). But all in all, I did have fun in 2014. Sure, there are now five categories dedicated to simply food, but those were good times, and I get new experiences with the people I share with them :"3 Now that 2015 has just begun, I can't wait to see what terrors it will bring to my poor credit card (curse cash back, points system, wanting to own a house one day!)

Whether it's a drink...

...or a full meal...'s the company that you spend with that makes it worth it (Class of 2009, represent!)

I am not encouraging myself to go out more often, however, it would be nice to have company while leaving the wallet at home. There is nothing wrong with going for a picnic, or even just a walk, right? It's time to stop constantly going to the Starbucks, especially when I find out it costs $5 just for a drink (I became ignorant of prices ever since their damn loyalty program...) It's time to stay home more often, and perhaps blog on a daily basis c"; Thank goodness at least three events for this year have been paid off (you'll see said events in future postings).

This year, I will try fitting everything into a monthly budget, it's a great challenge that I completely failed in 2014. The root problem with all the spending I find is that I meet up with my friends individually rather than collectively. If I can hang out all of them at once, maybe I'll spend less, my stomach will deflate, and everything will find a perfect balance. If they are my friends, surely they'll all get along with my other friends, correct?

The best things in life are free - I need to start finding them. To 2015, let this be a reminder to myself that money isn't everything, but it does give you some damn good memories. Let's start being money-wise.

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