Thursday, January 15, 2015

Catching Up On The Past

Do you ever find it strange how some people reenter your life? And you begin to wonder how you ever lost in touch with them in the first place? Whoever you are, you have a funny way of connecting the past with the future...

Nothing says 'grown up' like a Moonshine Martini

Back in the beginning of December, my cousin had her birthday, joint with another friend of hers. I was a little reluctant to go to the pub afterwards, mainly because I had to wake up early the next day, but I somehow ended up there. It seemed like any other pub, people crowding the bars, no one dancing (except for the random creepy old man), and groups collected in booths and tables.

When people were slowly making their way to dance, I was moving all over the floor, having no care in the world whatsoever. And to my surprise, there was someone sitting down, who looked rather familiar from a long time ago. The moment he pointed at me, I knew it was my friend back from high school! Of all the places that I would bump into someone, the pub would have been the last place I'd be looking. With the music so loud that no one could hear, I barely had a conversation with him, but I gave him my number so we could catch up.

After Christmastime, that is exactly what we did. With another friend he introduced to me, we were off to Hawksworth for some alcohol ^^ They were suppose to attend another event that day, so I got all dressed up (by that, I mean wear a fancy coat). However, their event got cancelled, and I was the odd one out of the group...

It's strange how fast one can catch up with an old friend, because you have so much to say within a small span of time. And once you've gotten all caught up, it's like time never passed, and now you don't know what to say next. But this is what I found: he's doing well, graduated university (unlike me) and working out in the real world. From getting to know his friend, to watching sports on the TV in the bar, it felt very comforting (believe me, anything was up for discussion).

We all had about two drinks, the first one I got was very strong, and tasted too much like liquorice in my opinion, while my friend had a 'James Bond' martini (stirred, not shaken though), and his friend had a drink that involved egg whites (fancy, right?) The room was nice and dark, and got darker the moment the sun set - mature settings for mature people.

I asked the bartender (all of them are dressed up to the nines) to take a photo, and this is what he took:

Class of 2009 (only, skinnier)

Not too shabby, right? So that concluded the night for drinks, and then we decided to eat out. I wanted to try a Chinese fusion restaurant, but we changed plans and headed out to a restaurant called Pourhouse (strange name, right?) Again, it's a dark place, but it must set some kind of ambiance to the atmosphere.

Our server for the night, what an absolute delight she was!

His friend and I ordered beers, while my friend ordered some kind of cocktail which I cannot recall, chatting up with strangers. That took me off guard, but hey, we're all grown up here, we can strike up a conversation with people if we want; no harm in trying.

While his friend and I were ordering food, I found out that he's also in school, studying Environmental Engineering (that might be wrong, but I was a little tipsy at this point). We ordered some pretty tasty appetizers, and I must say, presentation is quite stellar:

Deep-fried egg is amazing!

Bacon-wrapped figs: the only time I'll eat bacon

The best dish is served with a bone (marrow included)

It tasted as good as it looked! My friend was too busy talking to eat anything, but I practically scarfed that egg down my throat the moment it landed on the table. I was a bit hesitant on the bacon dish, but I went for it - not bad, didn't really taste the figs, but there was a nice texture to it (note to self: eat bacon only when under the influence of alcohol, it tastes better). But the bone marrow was something I haven't had before. Not sure how often one smothers a meat spread on bread, but if it were served like in the photo above, I would definitely have it all the time.

Now, we move on to the main course (after all, sobering up slowly is key to a successful night). I ordered a chickpea croquette with ratatouille and a salad, our server said it was delicious. So I went for it, and this is how it looked:

Is this even bar food?!

Presentation was everything at this place, and I am blown away at the tastes. Who knew chickpea could be this delicious? Everything complemented each other, I am seriously reevaluating my thoughts about bar food (it's a whole other level based on this visit). Thus ended this night, and how else do I commemorate on this memory? With a photo, of course:

Flash makes everything better

Or do you prefer, orange lighting?

It was a pleasure to bond with an old friend, and make a new one at the same time. Just goes to show you what five years apart from each other, a few hours to talk about essentially anything, and a couple of drinks can lead you to - some great memories.

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