Saturday, June 21, 2014

Things I Don't Get: A Lot Of Love & Affection

Love: it's a strange emotion that get people feeling a bunch of other things - it varies from one person to the next. But lately, I have been seeing a strange pattern from couples, or ex-couples for that matter. I can't be the only one who encounters people with their very Public Display of Affection (otherwise known as PDA), can I? I guess it bothers me for some reason...

Unless you're a Disney character, it's unacceptable!

Hello, lover! Have you missed me? I don't think there are a lot of things that bother me (by the way, this is the 12th posting of my rants), but there has been a pattern that I have been noticing between my friends, customers, and just about everywhere in-between.

Lately, when a friend and I go out, they have a tendency to point out what they use to do with their ex. Whether we pass by the area that they lived, the past memories they shared, or simply how sad they were when they broke up, they cannot shut up about them. Not to sound like a jerk, but is their past lover some tourist attraction? I don't see why they always bring up the past, let alone understand the significance of me knowing. Part of me thinks that it's to make conversation, while another thinks that they really want to talk about something that happened who knows how long ago. It's not my place to ask, but with all of the mentioning, it makes me wonder if I should the next time...

But the weird thing is that they all share this one single trait: they are not fans of romantic movies. I mean, the heck?! If anything, they can relate to all of the romantic films on this planet. It's not like they all live happily ever after (except for Disney), but even they have moments of time where they feel so sad that life is unbearable without them. True, it may not be the exact same content, but the feeling is mutual nonetheless. What's with the hatred towards the love? There's a reason why they are movies: they are a fantasy. Not saying it can't be true, but one shouldn't take the film's actions to heart...

Which brings to me to me second part of this rant: couples who are madly in love. I may have said this before, but based on my experience working in retail, I have encountered a handful of couples that feel it's necessary to make out in the middle of the store. I mean, is the lighting of the store making your partner desirable? Do you have a thing for making other people uncomfortable? Unless you're a senior or children, there is no reason why couples should be making out for all to see. In clubs, it's different, because essentially all the people are too drunk to care. But for the poor, innocent, sober people who don't go to clubs, please resist your temptation to steal kisses from your partner. That can really wait for your own privacy.

Why does this bother me so much? Well, let's go back to when I first started dating: There was a time when I was in love, and the most significant memories that I have with this particular one would be the make out sessions (please skip this if this is TMI, too much information). You see, when we would go out, there would be a point in the date where we would simply stop walking, head to a relatively secluded area, and then just go at it; cue in the random passers with their commenting of saying, "Ew, gross," "get a room," and "they're still going at it." When you're in the moment, you really don't care about the surroundings, like you have gone deaf during that moment and all you see in an explosion of colour before your eyes.

Taking this from my own experience, I have realized how awkward it makes some people to see or even hear of such actions. There is not even some warning sign when you encounter them (seriously, they all should hold a sign to warn everyone else!) I get that they are in love or were once in love, but it's not really important that I know. There must be some way for people to relieve themselves from such things. Thank you, but no thank you. Please keep it to yourself, or tell someone who wants to know (Disney, perhaps?)

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