Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Things I Don't Get: Sense & Sensitivity

Ever encountered a situation, reacted so quick, and then left, only to be constantly thinking about it? Welcome to my world.

Basically, how the world works

I like to think I'm a funny person, mostly part of the double standards I put to myself. Take for example, work. Some times, I will say hello to people, while other times I'm lost in my own thoughts. 

But lately, I get mad every time one person doesn't say anything. Let's call this person Jay. I'm not asking for a lot from Jay, but a crack of smile will do, right? And it's not typical behaviour of Jay, they're usually happy and smiley around other employees - except me. There was this one time where they were all talking, and he's laughing, and the moment I open my mouth, his face reverts back into a cynical, piercing look of hate. I'm pretty sure he doesn't hate me, but I get the impression of it. The only time I get a conversation out of this person is when I am around a friend of mine. And even then we are only talking to this said mutual friend.

What got me really mad was one time my friend and I were talking, and she was asking whether I was going to dinner after work. I declined, and he comes in to say what was meant to be a joke: "it's because your'e racist." Much as I wanted to punch him in the face, I jokingly said back "yes, I hate all Asians," and he just shakes his head (note: everyone I work with are all Asian). It might have been out of bad taste, but it infuriates me to know that the only time that Jay will approach me when it's a insulting joke. I mean, seriously?

Then again, it seems that I don't really talk to the boys at work. Is it because we don't have any mutual interests? I feel like there wouldn't have anything to talk about... but then again, it's not like I am making any effort as well. So it makes me frustrated wondering why I expect so much from people if I don't give back what I want, why I have become such a sensitive person these days. I usually don't care about what people think, unless they are close to me. What I don't get from myself is how I have become such a sensitive person on such a careless topic.

While on topic, I wanted to get this out of my system: Avril Lavigne. For those who haven't seen her latest Music Video, you must watch it (Hello Kitty). Sure, it's not everyone's style, but the attention it got was ridiculous. Mainly from this article, it shows how sensitive people really are. Saying that it's offensive when the Japanese don't even think so shows that some people are not educated. I'm glad for the video Kids React to show that we shouldn't take everything seriously, and that people really need to think before speaking. Because honestly, it was taken out of proportion to the point that the writer who called it 'an embarrassment' just needed a story, claiming false statements about how it got removed (the video leaked). And to be fair, Miss Lavigne could have responded differently, but it's not her fault. If it was offensive, the video would have gone in a different direction, wouldn't you think?

Just like a music video, I shouldn't be giving people a hard time for my own fault... I should listen to my own advice, otherwise I'm going to end up putting another blog entry about pet peeves that I can easily handle by myself. Save me from the idiotic thoughts that run in my head @_@

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