Monday, February 24, 2014

Got Money & Not Afraid To Spend It

48 - The number of times I ate out for lunch
41 - The number of times I ate out for dinner
40 - The number of times I took public transit
22 - The number of people I actually like
13 - The number of times I filled it up

But what does this all add up to? Finally, I shall reveal the damages of 2013 to all of you...

What does one do with all of the bills collected?

Let the puppy play with it!

Now that there are no distractions (for now!), I shall break down how much I spent during the 12 months of 2013. Some I'm rather shock with, but I really shouldn't (big prices = school). Without further adieu, let's get to the numbers:

  • January: $1972.02
  • February: $211.34
  • March: $426.59
  • April: $168.58
  • May: $538.38
  • June: $1155.65
  • July: $679.12
  • August: $45.54
  • September: $209.90
  • October: $409.71
  • November: $2102.72
  • December: $1000.01

Total: $8,919.56 x.x

I swear, I need a better method when it comes to saving money. It seems that I only know how to spend, and not save. Although I spent the most near the end of the year, I'm surprised by how quickly presents add up (but they were worth it!) And if you're interested, here are the categories:

  • Lunch: $693.41 (48 times)
  • Dinner: $678.88 (41 times)
  • Snack: $255.08 (28 times)
  • Drinks: $93.84 (14 times)
  • Starbucks: $91.60 (5 times)
  • Groceries: $59.31 (8 times)
  • Tuition: $3480.35
  • Books & Printing: $106.70
  • Movies (& DVDs) : $116.52 (6)
  • Arcade: $10.00
  • Club (& Coat Check): $51.00 (6 times)
  • Recreational (& Night Market): $647.50 (14 times)
  • Concerts/Musicals: $276.70 (4 times)
Shopping & Miscellaneous
  • Clothing & Accessories: $707.33 (14 times)
  • Gifts: $596.38 (22 times)
  • Haircut: 18.00 (1 time!)
  • Pet: $73.89 (2 times)
  • Lotto: $5.00 (1 time)
  • Other: $207.92 (22 times)
  • Gardening: 28.70 (1 time)
  • Bus/Skytrain: $128.35 (40 times)
  • Gas: $539.53 (13 times)
  • Parking: $24.50 (7 times)
What have I learned from this experience? When it comes to food, I have no control. Maybe if I spent it more on recreation, I would have the body that I want instead of crying about how my stomach isn't flat (o.o)

Speaking of recreation, that composed of Bowling, Night Market, Badminton, Dance Lessons, and the most important (expensive) item, Yoga! I know, Night Market isn't really fitting with this topic, but I thought that since it's out of enjoyment, they kind of go hand-in-hand... That's the only thing I'm willing to spend on, long as I am healthy.

But really, compared to last year's post, my eating habits have worsened. And especially buying people gifts - there was no category like that in 2012! But I don't mind the gift-buying, I find joy out of it (odd as that may sound) - perhaps I should just bake for people's presents, people like to get fat anyways d":

Other includes medicine, various stores, and strangely enough, CDs (I had to buy myself some albums, you know!) As for transpiration, the bus is strictly for times when I didn't have a UPass (meaning, when I actually needed it). So maybe I should take the bus more, and drive less to save me money, right?

So how will this year be different? I have downloaded a money managing application on my phone, restricted how much I spend per month, and track down what I'm wasting it on. That should give me a better idea of how I am using my money. Not only that, but I will separating my personal spendings from school spendings - so there shouldn't be any surprises when it comes to 2014's spending report.

Here's to saving money for 2014 - and so far, it seems like I will be needing more work on it.

P.S: August spendings are low due to vacationing in Spain. Should I do a report on that as well?

2014: The year of ACTUAL savings!

If you eat the bills, that means it never happened d":

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