Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things I Don't Get: Resting Face

Once in a while, you approach a person who gives you a look of what I like to describe as "haven't eaten all day, I want to eat you." Sometimes it's the first time they see you, other times they instantly go to this face when you approach them. All I'm asking is: why?

Do you suffer from this?

How many times have I gotten this... Let's count the ways:

The first time I actually noticed this was in a shocking way. Once again, this happened in the hospital. I am about to go on my shift when I see the nurses talking to another volunteer. I have never seen her before, but when she turns around to see me, her face goes to her... 'resting face.' A second ago, she was all smiles, talking about her progress with school, good stuff like that. I was still all smiles and being friendly, but what got to me was the point she stopped caring. All she did was ask a question, and once I responded, it felt like she was over with me. Don't know what's up with her, was she trying to portray a certain persona? It's weird in my opinion.

Now let's talk about the second time. This occurred at a retail store. Was in the line up for the till, and I notice one cashier all smiles, chatting with the girl she's ringing out. When I get to her, her face goes to 'resting face,' a complete mute in no time. What happened in the last five seconds? You think people who work in retail would be more 'bubbly' in a sense, rather than giving me a look of boredom. I will point out that the girl the cashier was helping out earlier were friends, as they were quite loud to hear all of their party plans of some sort.

Third time, and it's in the same retail store. Funny enough, I am currently working there (won't this be fun). My first day went pretty good, most of the people seem friendly and kind. Then you hit a rock. Usually the people around the store will help you out if you get stuck. And in a section of the store, I was putting items back in their proper way, but I couldn't locate one item. The girl working in this section tells me where it goes, all within the pose of the 'resting face.' Because standing in a section, greeting customers is something worth to be mad about? And she is not the only girl in the store like that. There are a few others, but they are pretty much the same situation.

This one that I am going to talk about doesn't really count, but I am ranting. Every Sunday, I go to church and when communion time comes, I approach the Father. Every time I go, I get this look from them that they just want to get rid of me. Now I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but I feel awkward after that. And I don't think it's because he has a job to do... I just think it's because they are elderly people. It's hard to say harsh things about the Father.

So why does this happen? I am trying to understand why people do this. Do I smile too much that they need to balance things with the 'resting face' when I'm around? I hope they are not mad at something, especially not with me! It's usually new faces when I meet (except the Fathers, don't know what to say to that...) I need some clarification from someone who does this. I know not everyone can be a positive, look at the bright side kind of person - but faking it wouldn't hurt? Cracking a smile for a few seconds isn't that much of an exercise. If you must judge, please don't show it with your face.

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