Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things I Don't Get: I'm On Top

I'm pretty sure we all know that one person that can talk for hours on end, and still have an opinion on just about anything. And if that is not the case... Well, let's just get into this rant of mine, shall we?

Yet they keep on talking and talking...

Do you know this person: there is someone talking about any topic. For example, let's say it's about dogs. Then a person comes by to say 'hello,' and all of a sudden they add their input about the subject. Now, there is nothing wrong about that, however it turns out the person who came to say 'hello' has now turned the whole subject into a story about an experience with the dog, involving their friend, and sooner or later, the original subject about dogs has now turned into nasty stories about someone they don't like one bit... Let's call this person Mimi.

Mimi loves to talk and talk for hours, she has an opinion on just about anything. Even when she's talking to her friend, she makes it loud enough for everyone to hear so that it sounds like the most important thing that comes out of her mouth. I mean, why is that? But when Mimi gets to talking with you, she has nothing to say at all. And if she does, it's all general questions. Once she is bored, she gives that 'resting face,' resorts back to what she was doing. All of a sudden, you have a change of heart?

What is the meaning of this? Am I thinking way over my head? I think I have been too much these days. But if there is one explanation that I have to all of these people like Mimi, it would have to be this: A family friend of mine has a little baby brother, and he loves to talk. He loves to talk so much, it gives his mother a headache. So when she asked one day for him to not talk, he said this: "But mom, if I don't say it, my head would fall off." I thought that was not only hilarious, but surprisingly accurate. Maybe that's what people feel when they have so much to talk about.

Even though they run off their mouths to the point their lips run dry, it may not be such a bad thing as I see it. Another story of mine includes three people. When one person asks a question, I'll respond, but the second person will repeat my answer. I find this a little strange, but maybe they are just repeating it incase the first person didn't hear it. Other than that, they might love the sound of their voice. Not sure exactly how this paragraph fits in with the rest, but I thought it connected with the rest somehow...

Usually, I am the quiet one in my family. So how does that match up with the rest of the family (including extended) when everyone has something to say? Well, you certainly learn a lot from them, and their conversations are always interesting. But the one thing that gets me would be, once again, the small talk. Honestly, it's all the same questions they ask: Did you work today? How's school? What's new? And by the time I'm giving a response, they seem to not care anymore. Now I know it's not a bad thing, I come from a big family, and they are just trying to connect with everyone - I don't see my relatives that often. I think they don't seem the interested in me, which gets me to thinking: am I a boring person?

Been thinking about this lately, but I don't know where I stand at this moment. I am stuck, after hearing all of the success coming from the family and such wonderful lifestyles they have (mostly comprised of vacations, their careers, and what restaurants they have tried). It's actually inspiring to be the best all at a young age. Becoming yourself is harder than it seems, and I think what's best is to start speaking out so everyone can know more about yourself as a person. Cause all we got is ourselves to look after.

No, I don't think I'll begin to talk excessively, but connect a story with the topic a person asks... Long that it's under three minutes; that should be a good starter, right? We'll see, I'll keep you in touch.

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