Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hey there little sprout!

Sorry for not posting when I promised! But better late than never, right? So here is the FIRST update of my little garden from about a little under a week after.

Can you guess what this is?

Take a look at these beautiful beginnings, Im' surprised how fast they've grown!
Within about 4 days, I noticed that part of the soil was 'popping' up. Curious, I took it off, and it came off rather easy. Opening the pot, I was surprised to see these little babies underneath it:

Left: from West Coast Seeds; Right: From Dasio!

They just can't contain their excitement, eh? I'm amazed how fast things are growing at the moment, because I really didn't expect such quick results in such a small amount of time. They were the first to grow, while the rest didn't have much...

But then, a few days went by (about 5-6) and then more presents came at my door:

This is so unexpected, some are suppose to grow in April!

Oh nannies, they do know all o.O Her plants (the eggplant & okra) have yet to grow, but there was a tiny white stem popping out in one of the pots (didn't take a picture!) I am fascinated by how well they are developing, and hopefully by June, it'll all be edible!

I am wondering (if any garden experts out there) when is the right time to 'separate' the stems from the pot? Or would it be better to leave them together and put it in the ground like so? Hoping that all of them will survive, I need to plan out when is the right time to transplant. Have you seen the weather lately? Oh my, it's gorgeous! But instead, I'm on a computer sharing you my latest update. Yes, I love you all :"3

Not to worry, I'll leave them in their pot for now while they bask in the sun. I just can't wait for June to roll by and start harvesting (that is my goal!) Here are some other pictures of the other vegetables:

So small - can't wait for it to be big!

From yellow to green within a week - amazing!

They look the same for now, but wait until it really grows!

So cool, they look like tiny versions of what we eat!

 So there you have it, an update that was long overdue. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, I will show you what they have been looking lately. One of the plants haven't sprouted, but all in good time there will be a garden to come! Welcome Spring!

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