Friday, June 24, 2016

Things I Don't Get: Well Now They Know

Social media plays an important role in today's society. From opinions to even petitions, anyone can express what they have to say. This is my thoughts on the proverbial agenda.

Love is a many-splendored thing... Let me try to explain this

2016 represents a year of change - at least, that's what I want for me. Although there are a number of things I have yet to accomplish, only I can make that change.

As people become more opened to ideas, it seems like the effort to make those ideas happen are, well, easy. All you have to do is the following:
  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Post your idea online
  3. Spread your idea on social media
  4. Watch the frenzy happen
  5. Wait for the right person to see the idea, and let the magic happen
There is something about the user's happiness being dependent on likes, follows, and being noticed. The happiness is temporary, and even compared to others. I don't think sharing only good moments to everyone is necessary or even healthy. But in the times where news can spread to all ends of the earth (or, wherever there is internet), it seems that true and temporary happiness can be blurred.

So here is something I don't get: the so-called 'gay agenda.' More and more people have become more open to their sexuality, and others have been welcoming to people's willingness to share. But the question is, why does someone need to let everyone know?

I'm not saying that one should suppress their self (never do that), but it's not necessary. There are people out there who are not allowed to be their self based on their surroundings, while there are others who live as they please. But when these individuals post content online, they can be very different people. The world wide web allows a person to be presented in the best light, and that itself is misleading.

And then there are videos about coming out. Some videos are inspirational and very emotional while others take the topic like it's just an ordinary day. The thing about coming out is that people have their own experiences, they are unique to each individual. Personally, I didn't really have much of a coming out story, my father and brother asked me one day, and I simply responded with a 'yes.' Not every one can relate to someone else's experience.

Recently, there have numerous petitions online for the 'Frozen' character Elsa to have a girlfriend in the sequel. I will admit that I was excited to see the art content made by fans and the support by other users online; but, I don't really know why. Even the voice actress, Idina Menzel, is in favour of the idea (and that's great). However, it makes me question what's the crave for having an LGBT character from Disney?

Disney is an interesting choice of topic for the idea, but it's their choice when they feel ready to create an openly gay character. The company has been experiencing with their television shows and movies to see how audiences react to the idea. Yes, the move is slow, but Disney is still figuring out how to make a film appropriate for their world wide audience. After all, being an international company means there are countries to consider who are not LGBT-friendly.

I think people look only focus on one point of the story, forgetting the other morales of their tale. With Frozen, the story can have many interpretations, and I understand the big metaphor for the LGBT community - but there is more than that. Disney allows the viewer to interpret the film however they choose, welcoming everyone into the environment without borders that they have created for so long.

To me, Frozen is about finding support and trust in people you care most. Whether love is found or not, know that there is someone who will always take care and look after you. That's the beauty of the movie: having a simple message with a significance for the viewer.

With recent news events regarding hate, the world needs to be more accepting and loving towards other people. The best people can do in my opinion is to be a family for those who may not have one. Simply support the individual for who they are, and allow the individual to figure out their own thoughts. Just let that person be comfortable and give them time to find how they feel.

When Disney releases an LGBT story, I'm sure they'll make it an amazing story. Just give people time, and let love in.

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