Saturday, September 5, 2015

Girls Night Out at Shark Club

Girls just want to have fun, am I right? Well, that's what happened one Wednesday night when everyone was available (for once!) And what do the girls want to do? Eat chicken wings, what else would one do? Let's look at the fun times on one spontaneous night.

Hot & Spicy: the way it's suppose to be

August 5, 2015

It's hard to make plans that fit everyone's schedule, but fortunately, this one night worked for everyone. This particular week was when I had no evening shifts, and so I asked my friends Phyllis and Jamaica to come out and hang with my other friends, Elsa and Ming.

Phyllis suggested the Shark Club, as she heard good things about the wings. Not knowing much about wings, I was down for the idea. When I got there, Phyllis and Jamaica arrived at the same time, making our way to the restaurant until Phyllis saw a friend of hers from school. They chatted for a while, and this got me excited just because he was saying it was a good experience.

There was a lineup at the door, and I don't know how the system works, but somehow we were seated before the people in front of us - the perks of having girls. We were stamped before entering the booth, as that was an indication that we are of legal drinking age; I liked how the stamp was their logo, it's all about the details.

Waiting for Elsa and Ming, we decided to order some drinks... but we couldn't decide on what to get. Originally, I didn't want to drink, but it was a special occasion, so one drink wouldn't hurt. Jamaica and I got an alcoholic apple juice, which was actually sweet, but not enough to detect the buzz you get once after taking a sip. Phyllis went for a more decorative drink, ones that have booze control to your liking:

Isn't that fancy?

A few minutes later, Elsa came in, and ordered something similar to Phyllis' drink, except it was with a red liquor - I can't remember the names for the life of me, but just take a look at it:

Ever so lovely

Still waiting on Ming, the waitress seemed impatient to take our order, and so we started off with both wet and dry wings. You think that you can't possibly be full by the size of the wings, but don't let it fool you:

It may seem small, but they pack a lot of meat inside

About the time we completed the first dish of wings, Ming had finally arrived to join us. She also ordered the same drink as Elsa, which led to ordering more wings.

I don't know what was happening, but the server seemed to be throwing an attitude to us, which led to one of my friends having to comment to the manager - let's just say that it was pretty bad. It was upsetting to see that my friends were not enjoying themselves because of the waitress, who I must admit was providing a special treatment compared to the other tables (she was all smiles and giggles, and then it was all annoyed voice when she approached us). And then what comes with the plate of wings: a blank stare, and no acknowledgement of the which wing is which. Look, I know that being talked to your manager about your service is one thing, but to be all act up from this comment is another thing... Okay, enough about that.

So here was our second order of wings, and boy did they look delectable:

You can smell the spices from the picture

Within about ten minutes from being served, two different servers asked how we were doing, if everything was all right, and whether we needed anything; it was nice of them to ask us.

But more importantly, the girls: we caught up with each other, seeing what everyone has been doing, how's the summer treating them, and every day problems from work to school and even boys (oh, the boys). We are all in different stages that we're facing, and it's incredible to see such change within just a few months - truly remarkable.

We were done surprisingly early, but we have only just begun talking and whatnot. But before any other final plans, a photo of us:

From left: Myself, Jamaica, Phyllis, Elsa, and Ming

And one more, with bigger smiles this time

After leaving the pub, we decided to go for karaoke (because, girls night out can't end on a low note). Phyllis decided not to join us, and so it was down to four people. We went to Party World, a little karaoke spot in Richmond where they had an all you can sing for the low rate of $15.

We sang everything from Nick Jonas to Pocahontas and the few selections of Cantonese songs that Elsa can belt out. We sang for almost four hours, which is quite remarkable, considering my voice tends to get raspy after three songs. I don't think you could possibly go wrong with karaoke, especially when the slow jams come on - that's when every one joins in. It's surprising to see who knows what songs, and it shows what similar taste we all have.

It was one good night, I saw my girls, and we enjoyed each other's company. Who knows when I will see them together, but until then, this wraps up Girls Night Out (yes, I am an honourary girl).

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