Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Birthday Lunch at Mega Sushi

It was my aunt's birthday, and I was sad that I couldn't attend her dinner as I had work (the agony of last minute plans!) Since I was available in the morning/afternoon, I decided to bring her to a restaurant that I quite enjoy myself. So let's dive into the food now.

This sushi's on fire

August 13, 2015

My aunt Imelda is practically my second mother, she's been around with me ever since birth, and has taken care whenever my mother was at work. So when I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere for lunch, she simply told me the restaurant that we always go... But that wasn't fun. Instead, we went for Mega Sushi, a small restaurant a few blocks away from Steveston Village.

This is the second location they have opened, with the original coming from Coquitlam. I don't know what it is about this place, but it's always busy, and highly recommended to make a reservation (space is limited). Luckily, there was a space outside, and we didn't have to wait too long, maybe about 10-15 minutes.

One thing that my aunt enjoys would have to be the bento boxes, for its conveniency and the portion sizes... Though, even then she can't finish the box on her own. So I decided to order a roll, and see how full I was after that.

First thing that came was my order, the Lion King roll. It was surprisingly warm, but throughly enjoyable. No matter what type of fish is on it, if it's on top of the sushi, that gets my stamp of approval (it's like double the fish ratio to rice!) It was delightful, and asked auntie to take a photo with the roll:

Look at the woman of the hour

Imelda ordered the chicken teriyaki bento box (her go-to meal), coming with California roll, salad, fruit, rice, and tempura. Like I said earlier, she didn't manage to finish the dish, and ended up giving me a portion of her tempura - and then she slowly got to finishing it.

I, on the other hand, wanted to get something special for her, and then it reminded me of a photo that my cousin Jen took when she was here a few weeks ago. I didn't know the name of it, but it looked amazing. When I showed a picture to the waitress, she instantly knew what it was, and sent the order to the kitchen. Once it came out, I was amazed:

The Godzilla Bite

Would you look at this? There is fire in the centre! Not knowing it was for decoration, Imelda told me to blow it out and taste it - it was just the fire gel XP But onto the food: it was a bit spicy for her, but it's really tasty with the fried fish on top a pillow of rice, covered in alfalfa sprouts and fish eggs. Imelda ended up eating the salad surrounding the bowl, making it a dish for myself (just killed the purpose of that dish).

Either way, she was full and content, and it was good to spend time with my aunt before heading to work. To the woman who was there growing up, and continues to be an important part of my life, I hope she had a splendid day much as I did ^_^

August 29, 2015

Consider this the bonus round. My friends Ardy and Rama are brothers, and wanted to spend some time and grab something to eat... Clearly, the choice I picked would be the same restaurant. Again, didn't make a reservation, but took about 10-15 minutes to get a seat outside.

We ordered quite a lot this time, including appetizers (so fancy, I know!) The service was slow, but that was because there was only one sushi chef that day. A man close by our table kept commenting on the slow service, which was fair on his side, since he had a child, but he could have handled it with more dignity.

Moving on, we got the agedashi tofu and takoyaki to start things off, and then Ardy's dish of chicken and egg rice bowl came quite fast. And then we waited for a while, and finally I got my cone:

Spicy tuna, my favourite cone

I can't remember what else I ordered, but Rama and Ardy essentially ordered all of the deep-fried rolls (or, at least had something deep fried inside). One of the dishes was this spicy prawn tempura roll, with tempura flakes on top. Fun fact: I use to eat tempura batter and rice as a meal when I was young - I don't think anyone can top me on being the pickiest eater. Here is what it looked like:

Look at that beauty

Another dish was what I believe to be a deep-fried California roll, and makes me wonder how the chef manages to fry the whole roll without it breaking, because they deep fry it first, and then cut it into individual rolls... It all looked good, but I couldn't handle any more.

Finally, we were waiting on one more dish, which was Rama's choice. It took about another 10-15 minutes for it to come, and it was definitely worth the wait:

Mega roll

It was aesthetically pleasing, and I had to make room for just one - I thank the chef who is able to deep fry all of this, it's a match made in heaven.

By the end of it, we were all pleased and full, but not enough to make room for dessert! When we got the bill, the waitress explained how they deducted the price of the Mega Roll, and gave us a small gift of more agedashi tofu! Originally, it was for the man who kept complaining, but he didn't want any of it; hey, his loss is our gain(s).

We ended up getting ice cream at Timothy's, and walking around before heading onto our next destination, ultimately leading to home and playing Scrabble (Rama won by a hair next to Ardy).

Having gone to Mega Sushi now three times, I do hope that everyone enjoyed their experiences, especially aunt Imelda - I'd be nothing without her. And whoever is up for Mega Sushi, contact me! d";

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