Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pre-Birthday Dinner at The Bambudda

The day before my birthday, I invited my friends for dinner at a restaurant I saw that was getting buzz online. Being adventurous with food, I didn't know what to expect from such a place just outside of Gastown. This is the Bambudda restaurant.

What a nice view from outside - now let's venture inside

May 14, 2015

It's been a while since I've seen my friends, and I decided that I plan a little get-together. Making my way to the place, I saw Aaron and Eric both walking in the same direction. So we made it to the place, a little bit late - no worries, the restaurant was not busy that day, but the bar was crowded. Anyways, as we waited for the others to come, I decided to take some photos:

The menu is cleverly designed

And a mini menu for the drinks!

Yǐn, which means 'drink'

The place was dimly lit for its ambiance, with the focus on the walls where you could see the silhouette of the flowers right beside them. One by one, my friends Jiahong, Anawin, and Steven finally got to the place, and then we had the hard task of ordering. Not knowing what to get, I selected  the following dishes:

Crispy Oyster

Not usually the biggest oyster fan, I found this piece quite appetizing. I want to say that it's like a taco, or a nacho? One or the other, it had all the right textures in all the right places. I would make this more than an appetizer dish, but still a nice finger food.

Stir Fried Red Prawns

Like an old friend, this dish looks homemade. Nothing too special about the dish, but it was still good. I especially liked the fried scallops, which I must say, tends to be the main attraction wherever it appears. Could have used a little less greens, but that's simply my opinion

Seared Sea Scallops

Again, scallops are everything! There is something about that charred flavour that I really enjoy, especially when it's seafood. Don't quite understand the chicharron, but it certainly makes it look more visually stunning.

Double Cooked Eggplant

My favourite vegetable would have to be eggplant, mostly for its colours, mainly for its flavour. The way it's stylized makes it one photogenic dish. Taste wise, I say it was spot-on.Who knew that more is better when it comes to a vegetable dish.

My friend Eric didn't touch any of the food, as he had a lot that day. He instead ordered some dumplings, which were so pretty, and looked mouth-watering good... Wish I had gotten those. But anyways, I'm not the only one who takes photos of food:

Steven be taking them photos too

With countless conversations from TV shows to hotties and catching up with one another, the night was going very well. As the night was coming to a wrap, the server comes down with a cake made by Anawin and Steven, and just look at this thing:

Dogs! Dogs are everywhere!

If this isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen, I don't know what is. It was a vanilla cake with a cookies and cream filling. It was quite sweet, but nothing that I couldn't handle.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Bambudda, and the server was such a lovely person, she was very personal and shared some stories of her own. I did notice that more people were at the bar, and the drinks looked amazing! Gives me another reason to try this place, eh? It's definitely worth the try, and I recommend to bring a group with you, as it is a family-sharing styled restaurant. Perfect place to catch up with some old friends who will celebrate you getting older d";

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