Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All You Can Sing at K-Fever Karaoke

When your friend comes back from two years too long, what do you end up doing? Well, if you have some money and a lot of time, you do what everyone loves most: karaoke! Who knew All You Can Sing existed? I am forever grateful for that.

For a good time, grab a microphone

March 28, 2015

I haven't seen my friend Ginger for roughly about two years. She's been studying Fashion in Japan, but had enough time to come back home for a mini-vacation; however, our availability to see each other was very limited. After scheduling back and forth a day, we manage to settle half a Saturday.

Starting bright and early, we went to the restaurant Cora with my cousin Shellby. I don't exactly remember what I got, other than having a side dish of cottage cheese (it was delicious by the way!) We caught up with each other, finding out what's new and how's life been for the past two years. It was a short time, but it was very pleasant, reminiscing about the Lady Gaga concert and our lives at the moment. Breakfast went by too fast, as I found myself that I had to get going for work, and being the designated driver, I had to bring everyone else home.

After my shift, I met up with Ginger again for an All You Can Sing karaoke fest! We went to K-Fever, and it's quite a big place. The hours are odd for such a deal, but then again I'm not complaining. I've been there once before this time, but Ginger was there just yesterday... Girl can sing to her heart's content.

What I do like about K-Fever is their library of songs. Compared to other karaoke places, it seems that they are always updating their collection. We manage to cover a lot of songs within the span of roughly three hours (which is not enough, in case you were wondering). Some included:

Japanese Pop songs

Japanese Rock songs

Chinese Romance songs

There were times that we sang together, which comprised of Lady Gaga, Utada Hikaru, a handful of English songs, and surprising singles that we didn't expect the other to know. Our throats were exhausted to the point that we had to order tea just so we can continue to sing (because when the rooms are half off, you take advantage of the whole time). However, the screen where you control the song selection was rather sensitive, as I kept pressing the 'repeat' button when I wanted to skip the song or pick the next one - we went through a lot of songs. What I love about karaoke is the fact that you're there to have fun and enjoy yourself without any judgement, and your friends don't give a damn on how you sound. But, if you really don't care about what people think about your singing, you could always try the main stage provided at K-Fever:

He sang longer than both of us - and he was primarily solo the whole time!

Not sure what it's called, but for a flat rate, you sing whatever song pops up on a big screen, and everyone can hear you sing. It's located in the lounge of the karaoke, it seems that he doesn't care about his singing, neither did the girl that came along with him... If they provided an English arrangement, I would love to give it a try.

To sing with Ginger is a smashing good time, and I hope to sing with her soon (maybe I can visit her in Japan?!) But until then, let's commemorate the moment with this photo:

Always a good time with this lady, wishing her the best in Japan (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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