Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Things I Don't Get: A Snob & A Half

Have you encountered people who treat you like you are an idiot? It's not like I don't understand you, I just didn't hear it the first time... But then, you're instantly treated like that, without opening your mouth. Let me break it down for you.

What I'm thinking in my head, all the time...

There have been times when I can't even deal with people. However, if I cannot interact with them, I will not get what I want. It may be hard to work in customer service, but I'm not trying to give you a hard time - if I did know what I was doing, do you think I would come for help?

So let's go back to some instances when people thought I was dumb. Let's start with instance Number 1:

I had troubles with my membership at a store, as I wasn't able to log in to find my account balance. So I went to customer services to figure out what was wrong, and before I even stated what I wanted to do, the employee changes his facial reaction from content to disgust (I've been seeing that happen too often with employees lately). I went to ask my question as to why I cannot log in, and all he does is direct me to the store's computer, and makes me type in my account information to show them that I cannot log in... Really? You think I'm stupid enough to not try that at home? So after trying x amount of attempts, they don't even try assisting me, and instead hands me the phone to contact their hotline. What makes it more frustrating is the fact that no one was on the line, thus waiting for an hour with no response. That I didn't mind, despite the time that I wasted. What bothered me more was the same employee asking me if I am still using the phone, because they needed to call someone over to help another customer. I swear, it took all of my might to not end up screaming my head in front of them.

Instance Number 2: This was for a drink at the Starbucks. Usually, the cashiers are incredibly friendly, and make everything simple as possible. However, this one cashier made me want to give them this facial reaction: T_T At the Starbucks, they give you $0.10 off if you bring your own cup. So I ordered a frappuccino, and then I handed her my tumbler... The first thing they said when I handed it to them? "It's going to melt in this." Thank you for your concern, but I have never heard of a tumbler that could melt your drink? If so, I have never seen one. It's just that tone they used on me wasn't so pleasing, as if I'm unaware of this concept. Let's just say they were so mad at me, they needed to ask another barista to confirm they were not crazy - turns out the cashier doesn't know what they're talking about. And so, I continue to hand over my tumbler to save myself $0.10 per purchase.

Instance Number 3: Recently, I purchased a membership at the community centre pool, which allows you to have access to the other community centres for a small price. For some reason, the card does not read that I have that pool membership, and shows up the pass that I previously purchased at a different location - that confuses the front desk like crazy. I can understand if they have a misunderstanding, however the person at the front desk is informing me like I know nothing. So I explain to them about my pool membership, and they don't know what to do. When they finally see that I do have a pool membership on the computer screen, they tell me that it's only valid at the pool... I think I already told them that? Then the manager comes, and has to explain to the employee the same thing I have been telling them this whole time; the manager even knows that I'm holding the money in my hand. Let's just say the front desk was not taking any of this in. So when I go the gym next time, I won't be surprised to see this whole situation happen again.

Bonus Round: Not about customer service, but about work. There is this one person at work who comes off as, well, rude, to only me. In social situations, they act like we are close and everything - but once no one is looking around, they start treating me like I'm a beginner at my job. Whenever they tell me to do something, they give me this robotic voice, and I can't tell whether or not they think that I should know this by now (which I do), or if they're telling me as if I am some sort of a nuisance. So one time, I worked under their supervision, and they were telling me specifics with my role of this job. Not familiar with the department, I listened carefully and took everything in - it's just their tone with me was offsetting, it sounded like they were not interested. And it's not like this person is not friendly, as they are extremely friendly with other coworkers... I don't know what I exactly? There was exactly one time when I forgot to do one part of the task with one customer, and you know what this coworker of mine did? They stopped me from helping another customer just so they can scream at me, saying that I forgot to do it... If you want to scream at me, then do it later, NOT when there are customers are around. Naturally, I took a second to listen to them, and then proceeded with the customer, doing what I'm suppose to be doing.

Maybe I am sensitive with such a useless problem, but feeling like you're being talked down is not helpful at the same time. Does it make them feel better to talk in such a manner? Do they think I don't know what I'm doing? Like where does this sudden pent-up rage comes from? Is there some filter to know when to stop acting sweet and kind and then turn on this cold and cynical behaviour? It's strange how we tend to do that with certain people. And maybe I do this as well, but even then, would I notice it before I go beyond overreacting? Sometimes, we can't control our reactions, but if we work on them, then maybe we would all be happy customers in the end.

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