Thursday, February 5, 2015

Birthday Pie + Tea

Back in January, it was my friend's birthday. We celebrated two days later with our two favourite things: Yoga, and Pie. To me, that sounds like the perfect day ^_^

She thought that the sign said "Fat"

January 9th, 2015: It was two days after Peggy's birthday. We have known each other for about, 4 years? Basically, I was with my other friend, preparing for the quiz upcoming in class, and I mentioned that I knew her name from hearing the names iterated during class, and so my friend who I was talking to called her over to study with us... No, that wasn't awkward at all. During those weeks in Biology class, I would sit next to her, and that is exactly how we became friends. Isn't University magical?

I'm not exactly sure how we got into yoga, but we both had a passion for getting fit. So far and wide, we searched for a place that suited our schedules, and after visiting 4 centres, we found our home at the YYoga. With various locations around town, it makes it convenient for both of us, and allows us to visit all of the locations (some centres offer different classes, such as Cycling and TRX).

That day, we took a Flow class, which was unusually harder than usual. For once, I was sweating in class. I was having a rough week, and wasn't feeling my best, but I managed to power through it all! After class, we had to celebrate Peggy's birthday with out favourite three-lettered foods: tea and pie.

We walked to a little shop called Pekoe Tea Lounge, located on the corner of West Broadway and Laurel Street. Been there once before, and it hasn't changed a bit since the last time we came. When you enter, you feel at home. The interior is quaint and nifty, a little bit dark, but it adds to the tranquil space that is provided. So we ordered our pies and our teas, and are asked to be seated. The best part of the experience would have to be selecting our own tea cups:

So many choices to choose from

My choice for today's tea: a unique shape for a unique tea that I chose

What a fun idea to pick the cup that suits the tea that you choose to sip on. In the background, you can see that Peggy chose the Apple & Rhubarb pie, which was absolutely sweet to the point it makes your tooth ache - but you simply can't waste a good pie. I picked something that was soon to be out of season as we move onto different flavours:

Pumpkin Pie!

I don't know what it is, but there is something in Pumpkin Pie that I love. May it be the texture, or the spices all collaborating into my mouth, I wish it was a flavour for all seasons, like Vanilla (I should petition it to be one of the basics!) Of course, nothing pairs well with pie with none other than the tea:

Look at the variety!

This was my selection; on the wall, it said it was rare...

Tea be steeping like nobody's business

You can feel the warmth from here

Peggy chose the Jasmine Green Tea, which sounds absolutely divine. My tea was reminiscent of the Chinese teas you would receive from restaurants, comforting and soul-fulfilling with every sip. Not exactly what I expected, but still a good choice. I may not be able to pronounce its name, but I enjoyed every sip there was in that cup. Before we left, we had to take photos in the mirror:

Awe, adorable with flawless, beautiful hair

ERMAHGERD, Silly faces!

Peggy was telling me how she always resorts to double chin for funny faces - you can barely see it in the photo, right? She's too skinny d"; Afterwards, she wanted to visit the Michaels to buy some buttons... I'm not going to say that it was a bad idea, but it wasn't the best either. Along the way to the art store, we encountered a display from an eyeglass store, and I couldn't help myself from taking a photo:

A penguin, with a monocle! This year's Christmas decorations!!!

What brilliance thinks of such concepts? Of course, it would come from an eyeglass store! After being sidetracked for a few seconds, my friend and I entered the danger zone that is otherwise known as the Michaels. Once you enter the store, you are bombarded with everything Valentine's Day. At this point, it would be okay - however, this was back in the beginning of January >.< But as you know, I'm a sucker for the holidays, and any excuse to buy unnecessary but highly wanted products. Let me show you the following:

Simply said, and all for $9.00!

Such little cuties :"3

Did I mention that I'm currently growing a moustache? How appropriate!

They're everywhere, it's excessive, and I want all of it! Especially the stamp, it's incredibly adorable. Simply put, that would be the easiest way to my heart. We spent about an hour at the store, aimlessly looking at all of the items available in store, desperately wanting to purchase everything that the eyes laid upon. The first thing we saw was something Peggy wanted:

Little milk glasses

They are teeny, and cute, and utterly expensive; what makes it worse is the fact that it doesn't come with a cap ._. But I would imagine it would serve one purpose only: to drink milk out of the glass. Put a straw in it, and that would make one awesome dessert party (awe, yeah).

We looked through the whole store twice, but we didn't exactly find what she wanted, which were buttons. So we finally asked an employee where they would be located - turns out, it was in the sewing section (aka, the only place we didn't look). So we found her buttons, and they're also expensive! About $6.00 for a variety. I thought there would be a bucket of buttons that people can look around, and purchase x amount of grams... I guess that's only available in Wonderland.

But nonetheless, we came for one purpose, and she ends up buying more that what she wanted. Currently, she's into making bracelets, like the ones kids make out of thread - I think that's pretty awesome, bringing back the classic crafts. So, why not, if you love it, invest your time into incredible artistry! One more photo, because it captured my attention first thing we walked into the aisle:

Duck Duct Tape!

How genius is this? I especially love the macaroni and cheese duct tape, because it's essential to any food lover who needs to bind things together, in style d": I swear, if I could afford the Michaels, I would purchase everything in there; including the questionable figurines that they sell in store (there was a squishy pegasus figurine, and it looked morphed to the point it was almost unrecognizable).

And thus ends our adventures of the belated birthday celebration, with us getting fat on a slice, and spending every penny at arts and crafts that easily draws us in. Tune in next time to see what happens with Peggy and me :"D

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