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Product Reviews: Just For Men Moustache & Beard Dye

It's been mid-way that I've decided to grow facial hair, and although it's not what I expected, it does give me opportunities to experiment with new products. Never thought I would have to colour it, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If it's like hair colouring, then this shouldn't be painful, right?

Let's see what you can do

July 2, 2015

It has been halfway through the year, and I still have the hair on my face. No matter what people have told me, I am going until 2015 is finished, and then it's gone. So what I didn't know when growing facial hair would be that it would grow more than one colour. It's quite fascinating to see red hairs on my chin, but it makes it look like there is nothing.

So here I am, purchasing moustache and beard dye at the store, realizing that it costs more than regular hair dye... It better work. Upon opening the package, it seems like any hair dye, except that there is an application brush:

Look at the contents

All of the items needed

Directions are pretty straightforward, mix one part developer with one part of the colouring. In the instructions, it specifically says to squeeze apart from each other and then to mix. There was a divider of some sort to make it easier:

Oozing excitement

Just to do a comparison, I took a before and after photo. First off, this is what my facial hair looked all natural:

Can you see the red hairs?

How about now?

It may be not groomed in the past few weeks, but I really wanted to make all of the hairs a unified colour. Using the other side of the brush, I mixed the gels together, and started applying it on my face. I do not know how other people apply it on without getting it on their face, and thought it would be okay to do so - I mean, I use to do that with my hair, so how would this be different? Since I had extra formula leftover, I put some on my eyebrows just to match all of my hair. And what post would be complete without a few self snap shots:

Hello there

It's quite black at this point

A closeup for fun

The instructions said to leave it on for about 5-10 minutes - taking background knowledge from my hair dye days, I decided to extend that time to almost an hour (and possibly another one for good measure). Little did I know that after washing it out, I came with the results of the following:

Yeah, let's just say that I learned my lesson. I tried to the dye off my face for roughly a week, which included facial masks, a variety of oils, and excessive rubbing - time seemed to work best. Overall, I was satisfied with the results. This was about two weeks after the fiasco:

Not a single sight of red

To me, it looks full, a little bit messy, but everything that I wanted to see. It's pricey, but the advantage is that it lasts for three months. And if I'm going to try this facial hair thing once, I might as well try all of it. I recently dyed my hairs again, this time 10 minutes, and my skin still got dyed once again, but not as bad compared to the results the first time.

I may not look like the model on the picture (originally what I thought my facial hair would grow to be), but you have to work with what you've got, and I must say, I am quite pleased with this product. Now, I just have to find a trimmer...

Rating: 4 out of 5

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